Let’s begin with your home. Here is a list of changes you can make that will immediately reduce the load of your power consumption. You can do one or more and see dramatic results.

Reduce the Load

  1. Install a Radiant Barrier System in the Attic

  2. Replace lighting with LED Lighting for all fixtures

  3. Add / Replace / Upgrade Insulation, replace worn seals around doors and windows

  4. Install Low Emissivity Windows

  5. Double Water Heater Volume, build passive solar heating system, insulate heavily

  6. Replace Dryer with Hydronic Dryer (safemate) or drying room / rack / clothes line with desiccant and dehumidifier that you design for your space

  7. Replace Central AC Units and air handlers with ductless wall units

  8. Replace dishwasher with cabinets or shelving

  9. Replace Range/Oven with two-level Stone or Cement Counter Top and NuWave2® Induction Cooktop, Microwave and NuWave® Infrared Oven

  10. Use wood fired grill, biomass briquettes, or solar oven more frequently for meals

  11. Replace toilets with high efficiency or composting brands (Biolet®)

  12. Install Aluminum Pipe Solar Air Heating System when heating air during daylight hours

  13. Install Separate Breaker Box for High Load Appliances, dryer, refrigerator/freezer, with batter bank, and renewable energy generator (list of options)

  14. Upgrade to more efficient fixtures and appliances

  15. Geothermal radiant floor heating system with PEX tubing

Increase Power Generation via renewable systems

  1. Battery Bank, Controller / Inverter

  2. Magnetic Generator, Perendev, Bedini 10-Coil or John Searl

  3. Photovoltaic Panels

  4. Wind Turbine, BlueEnergy Solar PV Wind Turbine, Energy Ball

  5. borosilicate evacuated tube array for water heating, or use black metal tank or PVC pipe system in sunlight

Gas Engine Car/Truck

Be sure all hoses and engine are sealed. Cap off PCV Valve, carve out 1/8” groove in 160° arc within throttle body using Dremel 100, increase spark plug gap by 20%, 40% or 60%, or until the gap is too great. Use “Gadget Man Groove” as reference. Tesla Universal Battery Rejuvinator to restore batteries without ever having to replace them. (this is somewhat like a desulfator)

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