Dinar Millionaires Post RV Investing – Volume 1

How many Dinars do you have?

What investments will you make after the Dinar revalues?

Did you know that the stock market, IRAs and 401Ks are for suckers?

Do you want to know what my rich friends and I are investing in now?

Do you want to now how we got rich before the RV and before Bitcoin?

          We all got rich by investing in our own ideas and our own businesses and using the proper business structures.  Do you know what the reporting requirements are in Hong Kong for an IBC to get 100% tax exemption?  We do. We look at the Dinar windfall as seed money for more projects to make more money, we want to be billionaires and we take this very seriously. We also want to help people, especially in emerging markets, and we want to lead the way to better methods of doing business and serving the interests of people first instead of corporations. Do you want to be on board with us?  We took our last five years of research and compiled it into categories and published it under the title Dinar & Bitcoin Millionaires Post RV Investing, so that others can see what we are doing. Of course we didn’t publish everything, but what we did include is enough information for about 250 individual business plans and investments.  The only parts we did not include are the actual business and marketing plans.  These will be published after the revaluation and made available only to those of us who have taken the necessary steps to form the proper business structures. We want serious business partners and this book is what you need to discover more of what we’re doing.  Some of the categories include renewable energy such as wind and solar, but not necessarily turbines or panels.  We have plans to revitalize entire communities and small towns and make our money on the back end so that everybody wins and the development never creates a burden on the local people.       We can manufacture automobile engines that exceed 200 MPG, and so on, I hope you get the idea. Click the “Buy Now” button below to get your copy of this book now, at a 22% discount of $47 (normally $60).  Don’t be a sucker like most of the other people who get this windfall and waste your money in the stock market (i.e. pension funds).  Learn how to invest by always keeping your principal, doubling your money every three years and passing it on to your family. ======================================================================== Dinar Millionaires Cover Page     Volume 1 Only              $47.00 Important:  After your purchase, be sure to choose the option to “Return to D.T. & Associates“. This will take you to your download page.
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