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Bluwolf – 3/06/2014

As time pressures on, many get sick to the waiting. No bank source knows what is happening behind close doors, what is to occur and when. They know its suppose to be here by now, we are suppose to be moving along with our monies already secure, I notice a doe doe bird acting stupid coming out of your congress, this moron honestly thinks that we do not know nothing about there exchanges and there actions on trying to foil it for both the President and us. What is it with these idiots that they seem to see us as decrepit and ignorant fools, by God it must be the dc water yea its the water. Folks we are waiting for our 800# everything talked about in the plan is still in play (the rate, notification, graduation, WF, the Chinese, the Elders, the Legacy, the golden standard, the trn, it going down in % after a while, getting in and getting out quickly, the reason about opening two individual non bearing accounts one for dinar the other for the dong, the actuality between WF buying your dinars while the others do exchanges there is a difference.) But you all know that right, you all know that if you maintain firmness on the original plan you should come out of it swiftly, rich and professionally attended as it was originally thought off by the people in the know many moons ago. Thats where we are at just about now, we are just waiting for that darn phone call. I now ask my Commander in Chief to make it real for its that time Sir the Global Currency Reset must transpire now. Please Sir give it the Go. Na’maste Bluwolf

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White Hat Auxiliaries – Fact Check #97

Greetings, To All Of You! The last two years have seen  information of a different character from ages past. Those who are in the trenches have come forward  to provide highly accurate pieces of information to be shared with those interested in reading it. This contrasts with information found in prior years that was from just about anyone and contained just about anything. All these years later we can look back and conclude that although many had their heart in the right place, there just was not a reliable way to cross check and verify the source. So, the information was just labeled as “from a source”. This is certainly okay to come up with material for a blog, but leaves something to be desired in the accuracy department. Hence, for over a decade, we saw nothing come of the “updates” regarding the events germane to our discourse. Well, as you have seen over the past several months, various analysts both inside and outside of the communication channels that GCR/WGS aficionados frequent, have seen converging news items pointing to the factual nature of a Global Currency Reset heading our way.  This was not the case, in terms of frequency of reporting, just six months ago. A few years ago, if you mentioned that we were going back to a metals backed US Dollar, you would have been called a psycho. As many of you know now, there is ample evidence from people with considerable credentials that it would be psycho to NOT believe it. We are in a whole new ballgame now. We owe this to those who are working hard behind the scenes. It has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to make sure we had a conduit, no mater how slim, to someone with the truth, and could withstand scrutiny. Well, we have that with out WH contact, and I have done my best to see that the information in our Fact Check posts was accurate to a WH standard. It is the WHs who deserve your thanks for this. Don’t forget that. Now, onto the business at hand. The last 24 hours have been a frenzy. Out of that frenzy came this information, found at OneWorldofNations blog: “Major moves on RV behind the scenes. Watch and see. It has now bypassed O for decisions. With or without him, it’s going forward. He still thinks he’s the real President? Lol. Well a Pig did fly.” This information was confirmed by our generous WH contact as being true. Now, contrast that with other blogs which posted the following in the last 24 hours: “OBAMA finally signed off on the RV Sunday Evening at 6:00 pm in Reno Time. This signoff tardiness cancelled [sic]the announcements scheduled for Sunday.” Well, I hope you can appreciate the difference here. One cannot sign off and be bypassed for that signature at the same time. If he signed off, then he obviously wasn’t bypassed. If he was bypassed, he wasn’t needed to sign off. Holy mackerel!  Imagine the power behind a process that can render a Presidential signature irrelevant when the whole world is about the change! So, I leave it to you to decide which of the two scenarios probably played out. I wanted to show you a good example of what having the correct information can mean in forming an accurate picture of what is truly transpiring and just who is for the change, and who is not. REMEMBER: Just cash in. Take the rate you see and run. More to follow as needed. Thank you all for your support. We are an all volunteer effort, and exist to make sure you have the most accurate, up to date information that we can bring, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood White Hat. For the first time in years I am feeling extremely optimistic about this world changing event. Even a very close friend of mine, whose son is a VP with a Deutsche Bank subsidiary, and is the equivalent of a human grumpy cat, admitted that there is talk of a “reset” in their office. He hated to admit it, but he did. No word if he has jumped yet. Ha! More when needed. WHA Source:

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