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Buzzsaw : Global Economic Reset with Fabian Calvo – 03.16.2014

Awesome podcast…  please watch!!

A global economic reset away from the dollar and federal reserve is discussed with Fabian Calvo. We look at the implications of starting a new economic system in the face of rampant corruption, debt and war, how history has established precedent for economic reset, and what the crisis in Ukraine has to do with it in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone. GUEST BIO: Fabian Calvo is the founder and President of the real estate investment firm “The Note House”, creator of the world renowned “Resourceful Real Estate Academy” and “Resourceful Entrepreneur Academy”. His motivation and driving beliefs are founded on the notion that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their current economic condition can achieve financial independence implementing his strategies and tactics. When he began his career over a decade ago, he did not set out to become the world recognized entrepreneur teacher he is today, but when he realized that the corporate elite and Washington bureaucrats want Americans dependent on big government instead of themselves, he knew he had to reveal to the world the investing secrets and strategies used by hedge funds, top online marketers and other top real estate investors so that the average American could also become wealthy and financially free. To date, Fabians programs have sold all over the world and every day he hears from people about how his programs have changed their life.

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Greetings, I have new information from the front lines. It reads as follows: =====================================================================
As a result of Global Liquidity issues under intense dialog, new asset re-evaluations will cause both RV and Dong, plus other issues, to carry into next week. This is pre-advising all. Details can not be expanded on, but each day we will define what is unfolding when safe to do so.
There is a full and comprehensive understanding of its importance to all. No one is under any illusions as to scale of needs for many.
The purpose of OWoN and WHA  is to help, assist and enlighten all for what is coming. 
Please continue to prepare yourselves, and, as written above, we will keep you updated as we receive information from the front lines. Thank you all for your continuing courtesy and cooperation.WHA

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I have received information to share with you at this time. To clarify a few points concerning  all of you:
  • One World of Nations fully knows and understands how deeply important it is to all of you. For that reason, we have been assured that as soon as anything clears, WHA will be advised directly, and any further guidance given. Only two sites (OWoN and WHA) will be given this guidance. We will be looked after and helped.
  • Also, no, the OWoN parties do not have any grandiose attitudes. Please be assured of that. They always treat WHA respectfully and with a humble attitude. But, trouble usually finds those who ask for it, so please, now is not the time to act like a clown.
  • There is a truly sensitive understanding of the need to help you all with clear information when possible.
  • There is also a clear lock down right now so as not to risk disrupting the process or stirring up Guru sites.
I am forever grateful for the assistance you are all giving this site. The White Hats, their associates and staff, are grateful to you for your patience as they work on the final stages of this monumental undertaking. WHA Source:

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Greetings, We are getting daily help as needed from One World of Nations and they are looking after us as well as looking out for us. It is not going out anywhere but OWoN or WHA. Once the rates are known, and the PPs transacted, WHA will be advised how to rapidly assist. Yes, we do care. Once exchange procedures are known, WHA will advise you all. OWoN will know instantly as it goes to London. Our questions are being handled courteously and with polite responses. OWoN has direct access to both the Chinese Elders and M1, plus Reno so there is no better place to be. However,  they will not hold dialog with Gurus or parties with bad attitudes, as is their right, so please be patient. Whether this week or next, be assured, they are very much in the fight. Once it is fully qualified it will be shared with us so we can help further. Please understand the magnitude of this message. Please continue to conduct yourselves as adults. Your courtesy and cooperation has been appreciated! WHA Source:

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