A follow up – The Real History of Thanksgiving, How Squanto Screwed Up

( This video by Luke at We Are Change pretty much confirms that narrative that I posted over the weekend…  Honestly, not sure I’ll cook another Thanksgiving dinner, as I do not support the original idea of the holiday.  What are your thoughts?  I swear…  the more I did, the more disgusted I am…  /dt ) WeAreChange
Published on Nov 27, 2014

In this video you will find out how the Bush family almost never existed and how FDR sold out thanksgiving for corporations.

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James Corbett – Inverting the Federal Reserve Pyramid

10/10/2014 We all know the bad news: the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913 as the capstone to the banksters’ financial pyramid. Now fewer and fewer cronies own a greater and greater share of the economic pie. But here’s the good news: we are the ones holding that pyramid up, and we can start removing ourselves from the base of this structure. Join James Corbett and We Are Change Fresno for this in-depth conversation on “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve” on WAC Fresno Radio. Source:  http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-951-inverting-the-federal-reserve-pyramid/

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