Don’t forget to confirm your email…

Hi, Everyone…  I see many of you jumping on the new list…  but many of you have not confirmed your email by clicking the link in the email that you receive from “SpecificFeeds”…  It will look like this >>>

Hi dt,
Please activate your subscription to feed «Stage2omega» by clicking the button below.
Click here to confirm your subscription
or copy & paste the following link into your browser:
Emails will be sent to you via the news platform SpecificFeeds. You can subscribe to more feeds and/or login to your account with username «tobin.donna» and password «yxgjju9v».
Or, if you have a website or blog yourself, consider offering a SpecificFeeds subscription as well – it has many advantages.
Your Team from SpecificFeeds

Now don’t click the button above as that button is specifically coded to me.  You want your own special button !!

So please go search your inbox and your spam folder and find that email and click that confirmation link !!!

We’ll give this system a try over the next few days and see how we like it.  If I make another change, I’ll upload this list to that system.  There are many free systems for lists under 5,000…

Ya’ll have a great day !!!

Warmest regards,


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Stage2Omega is going to make a little change…

Hi, Everyone…

I’ve decided to make a little change on the website, which will affect each of you who enjoy receiving that email in your inbox with the day’s posts.  I’m still paying for a list of over 14,000, when only less than 2,000 actually open the email and visit the site each day.  And Mailchimp costs me $150 a month for this service. The subscription renews on the 10th, so we only have a few days to make this change.  I want to make this switch over by the 8th or 9th.  So, today I’m testing this new system out…  If you’d like to continue to receive the daily newsletter, please fill in your email in the new “Subscribe” form.  Otherwise, you can always just come to the site directly at

I hate change, and this is not fun for me.  But I cannot pay this bill out of pocket.  And contributions and ad revenue are basically non-existent these days.  I enjoy posting to the site, and the site will remain up, but if we can’t figure out this email service situation, then you are just going to have to bookmark the site and check it everyday for new posts.

If any of you have any suggestions or expertise in this area, I would love to hear from you.  But last month, only $20 came is as a contribution, and no ad revenue came in, so I had to come out of pocket to cover the subscription.  I cannot do that again this month.  

I hope you understand.

With warmest regards,


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