Sad day as I’m learning of the events in Las Vegas last night…

Ya’ll know me…  And I’m sure you know where my mind is headed… I have no idea how or why this has unfolded.  It’s way too soon to speculate on anything…  Let’s give this a few days and see what unfolds.  

All of that said, for those that are injured or have lost their lives, my heart aches and I pray for them and their families! 

Warmest regards and much love to all of you !!!


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Breaking News! You’re Blessed.

( What a great message…  He brought me to tears…  How often do we take such basic things for granted…  I know I do !!!  Yes, we are truly blessed…  and we need to priority #1 be to help satisfy these needs for those that don’t have these basics !!!  My plan is to do just that !!!  As much as I can…  /dt ) An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop
Published on Aug 25, 2017

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