Newsletter List was purged by 2/3’s by MailChimp…

Hi, Everyone…

The newsletter list was purged by over 2/3’s by Mailchimp due to some new requirements necessary with mass emails.  So some of you or your associates may have fallen off the list.  Please share this email around to all you know and ask them to come to the site and register again for the newsletter.  

Thanks so much for your help !!



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Moriah Tree of Life call plus a plea for help for Midwest (Aladyah)

Hi, Everyone…

Be sure to join us tonight for Aladyah’s Moriah Tree of Life call at 9:00 pm Eastern.  

Also, we would like to put out a plea for help for Aladyah… She rescues animals, dogs, cats, and horses.  A situation arose late last week that has caused her to have to make new arrangements for the dogs and cats.  This can be expensive, with deposits, utility deposits, etc.  Horses have recently been moved and for the moment are stable.  But their feed and upkeep is ongoing and can be very expensive.  

If you have a heart to help, please do so.  You can go to and click on the Donate button in the left sidebar.  Any help you can give to help her with this situation would be greatly appreciated !!!

8:00 PM CENTRAL…….. 9 :00 PM EASTERN …….. 6:00 PM PACIFIC


9:00 PM – 11:00 PM EASTERN

712.432.0075  PIN 950718#

712.432.1085  PIN 950718#. REPLAY

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Join us tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern for Midwest’s call

Hey Guys and Gals… dt here along with Aladyah (Midwest)…  Don’t miss Aladyah’s weekly call tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern.  Lots to discuss!!  Topics will include discussing the dark night of the soul, and how we can play a part in the transformation of humanity.  Should be a very good discussion!!  See you on the show!   

8:00 PM CENTRAL…….. 9 :00 PM EASTERN …….. 6:00 PM PACIFIC

Sunday, August 5, 2018

9:00 pm – 11:00 pm Eastern 712.432.0075  PIN 950718# 712.432.1085  PIN 950718#. Replay

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My recent Facebook post…

The liberal left main stream media is off the rails… Wish they would understand that the war mongers don’t want peace because there is no money in peace. The war mongers only make money when we are in a conflict with some country… and most of the ones screaming the loudest ARE the war mongers… The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower and Kennedy both point out in their speeches… and the liberal left media is their mouth piece… The journalists should report the facts, not their spin on the facts… But that’s another story for another day…

IMHO, Trump is playing 4D Chess while they’re all playing checkers… Trust the plan… Google “Q-Anon” … It may get rough but it’s gonna be ok and better in the end… Peace be with all of you!! Peace and divine protection for President Trump!!  /dt

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