From dt… I’m so relieved!! The newsletter function is finally changed over and fixed!!

Hi, Everyone!!

I’m very happy to report that the daily newsletter is now up and operational.  So you will now receive the daily newsletter from the autoresponder system called GetResponse.  Yay!!!  So you should resume receiving that email on a regular basis!  If any of you have any problems or concerns, please be sure to email me at [email protected]

Now I can get back to posting articles and information for all of us!!

As always, if you would like to be removed from the email distribution list, just click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the daily email.

With warmest regards,


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Join us Thursday night at 8pm Eastern for our weekly call. John Singleton will discuss his new ebook, PrivacyWorks, if you have the stomach for it….

We hope you can join us on the call Thursday night, at 8:00 pm Eastern for our weekly call.  John plans to go over some of the contents of his new ebook, PrivacyWorks…  if you have the stomach for it.  This should be a very informative call.  And of course, bring your questions regarding Foreclosure Defense.

Thursday, May 15, 2014  8:00 pm Eastern

559.726.1300  244740# PIN

To give you a sample of what’s included, here is the Table of Contents of John’s new ebook:

Assessment – First Strategies Chapter I – Your Bank Doesn’t Need Your Social Security Number Chapter II – The Nominee Exchange Mentality Chapter III – State Sponsored Slavery and Foreign Jurisdictions Chapter IV – Internet & Computer Communications Chapter V – Money, Third Party Plausible Deniability & No Witnesses Chapter VI – Captive Insurance Chapter VII – Second Passport, Foreign Residency, Offshore Banking Conclusion

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John Jay Singleton has created a terrific new ebook on the subject of your privacy!  We hope you’ll check out the sneak preview here…

or you can find the free report on the “Book Store” tab on the main menu of, titled PRIVACY WORKS – FREE REPORT.

Of course if you would like to purchase the full ebook which consists of over 100 pages of great information on this very important subject, just click on the “Buy Now” button on that Free Report page.

And if you’d like to become a client of John’s and have a personal review of your situation so that a strategy can be developed to your needs, just contact John personally.  His contact information is on the cover page of the book.

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Update from dt…..

Hi, Everyone! First, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who click that Donate button occasionally and send a small donation.  Your gifts are so very much appreciated!!  Also, thank you to those of you who click on the advertisements on the website.  The advertisers who pay to be on the site are eager for you to explore their product or opportunity.  And thank you to those of you who click on the Google Ads.  While these don’t bring much income, it is a free way for you to help support the website.  All of the revenues from these ads pay for the website hosting, for our IT guru, RoadRage, and give me a few bucks to contribute to our household.  That extra income has been so very much appreciated over these past few months, since Hubby has had this medical issue.  Who knew how fast these expenses could add up!! My sweet hubby is still dealing with his injuries from his coughing fit back in February.  He has another surgery planned for next Thursday, 5/15/2014, to try to laser blast away whatever is blocking his right ureter.  I pray that this is successful, cuz if not, another more invasive surgery will be next.  We still haven’t been told that this is not fixable, so I do have tremendous hope that this saga will end, but boy has it been a test of will and patience.  The wheels of medical motion turn slower than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life!!!  So ya’ll please keep my Steve in your prayers for me!! I’ve had the crud, again!!!  Lost my voice down to a whisper.  Those of you who listened to Midwest’s Saturday special call heard what I squeak I’ve been for the past several days.  I am feeling better, but still coughing and voice hasn’t come back yet.  So I just keep on squeaking…. As for where we stand with the elusive currency revaluation, who knows???  Not sure anyone really does…  too many pieces to the puzzle.  But my hope is that when it comes, honesty, truth and justice will come with it.  So I continue to pray for our country, for our citizens, for all countries of the world, and for all of humanity, that these many, many wrongs be righted and humanity can get on with life!!! Much love to all of you guys out there.  If you ever have a question for me or about the website, just email me at [email protected].  Or if you are on skype, my handle is either dtdreaming or dt.  And I really wish you guys would post more on the forum, or post more replies to the various posts.  Get a conversation going here… This site is interactive if you are a member. With warm regards, dt    

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