I’ve found 2 new sites that I love… I hope you will love them, too…

I’ve come across 2 new sites (new to me, anyway) that I love and think would be a great resource for anyone who is new to this journey down the rabbit hole.  Each of these sites have a wealth of information and documentation included in a variety of areas.  So please explore and enjoy…



You will likely see me posting articles and videos from these sites on a regular basis.  I’m learning more and more every day!! With Love and Light to each of YOU!!  /dt

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4/15/14 8:00 AM Jim’s Rant For The Day. Warlords And Fiefdoms

History is mostly a chronology of warlords and their fiefdoms, a who’s who of bullies. Our own country’s history is the same. Today we still have warlords, only they dress in business suits instead of funny hats with wild colored feathers, but underneath they are still the same. Let’s take Senator Harry Reid for instance, a warlord? You betcha. He now is in control of the best equipped disguised military he could wish for. To top it all off, they have the best defensive shields any army can have – that being a silver badge of justice and law. How can private citizens go against that? Hell yes he is a warlord but not the only one here. All of our police forces, National guards and military in the country are under warlords. That is why we now are being forced to accept either a Bush or a Clinton as our next Senior Warlord. Let’s get back to Harry Reid however. What about this “fiefdom” that is being used? Obviously his fiefdom is the majority of the site of Nevada. “But how can this be,” you might ask, “he doesn’t own anything?” He doesn’t have to. His family only needs to and that is what is happening. You see, warlords control the laws. Right now the law says it is OK for a congressman to steal and build a fiefdom as long as it is in the names of his relatives. And there you have it – same game, different twist. Humanity needs to wake up and realize we do not need professionals to rule over us and screw us. But until we do, we will be. Source:  http://src-fla.us/index.php/news2e629/80-rant/245-warlords-and-fiefdoms

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