6 Steps in the Global Currency Reset 2015-16

Kenneth Storey
Published on Mar 17, 2015

IMF Approves SDR 12.35B Ukraine Bailout Loan, The SDR Will be the Currency Used to Restructure World Debt, China-IMF Talks Underway to Endorse Yuan as Global Reserve Currency, LaGarde to Visit India and China 3/19-23, Putin Signs Law Ratifying BRICS Bank, Russia Gets Seat on SWIFT Board, UK Snubs USA and Joins Asian Development Bank, China International Payment System Ready End of 2015, Venezuela Begins Liquidating Its Gold, Watching September 2015: Sabbatical Year Cycle, Smittah Year, Blood Moons, Re-Structuring International Monetary System The Holy Spirit Investment club is presented by InvestingwithInsight.com at 10 AM, Saturdays, at the Morningstar Conference Center in Fort Mill, SC Hosted by Ken & Valerie Storey

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The MACHINE is Designed To Enslave Humanity — Sean Kerrigan

Published on Mar 16, 2015

There is a global fascist machine designed to strip us of our resources, sovereignty and liberty. It’s bigger than any single individual or any one corporation, it’s larger and has more reach than any single nation state. The machine has been securing and expanding its power for centuries. And although “the machine is not entirely unified, it has a way of checking itself,” according to researcher Sean Kerrigan from SeanKerrigan.com. “The machine has a way of checking individual cogs in that machine to make sure it obeys. And the larger machine, what Louis Mumford called the ‘mega machine’ checks every individual corporation, every government and so it’s hard to break out of it, it’s hard to see how can we resist against something so massive.”

Sean’s site: http://seankerrigan.com/

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ZAP / POOF: “Crown Of Creation”

Greetings and Salutations: And so here we have another Sunday and you still have no packet. The mighty test of time has been heavy, that you would all agree; but the wait will be worth it.  You wish we had specific dates, always.  Always, that would have been nice and many times thought the packages were so close they could be touched. No! Not so!!.   So, just check in and keep the home fires burning. The movenment of all that has held this back is such that we can give you a picture of a concrete wall metaphor if you will– that has begun to crumble sufficiently.  We see the walls coming apart now quite rapidly. Just be attuned to what you need to get done in your own life and prepare for the upheaval that is coming. Indeed it is moving toward all of you now. Be still and know…P…
ZAP SAYS;  HI ALL MAGICAL TIMES ARE AFOOT. THE MOON IS FULL MOON ON MONDAY 17 MARCH 2015. THAT IS ALSO THE TIME THAT CERTAIN FUNDS WILL BE RELEASED. IT IS ALSO ST. PATRICK’S DAY. SO, May you always have Walls for the winds, A roof for the rain, Tea beside the fire, Laughter to cheer you, Those you love near you, And all your heart might desire! IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNCANNY HOW THEIR HUMOR INFILTRATES INTO TIMINGS. I KNOW THINGS ARE DONE FOR A REASON, AND ALMOST ALWAYS TO SOME NUMEROLOGICAL STANCHION, BUT THE COINCIDENCES ARE TRULY EXTRAORDINARY. DIVINE INDEED. WITH ALL THE PREPARATIONS FOR THIS TIME, THERE ARE STILL MONKEYS OUT THERE PRETENDING TO BE VEGETABLES THAT ARE REALLY THROWING SOME INTERESTING WRENCHES INTO THE WORKS NOW. FROM RUSSIA BEING CONSIDERED BEING PUNTED FROM THE SWIFT SYSTEM, TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF BILLBOARDS ANNOUNCING THE CHINESE YUAN AS A GLOBAL CURRENCY, TO RUSSIA BEING PUT ON THE BOARD OF SWIFT, TO ATTEMPTED ABDUCTIONS OF SMALL FURRY STUFFED ANIMALS, THE SHOW GOES ON. NEEDLESS TO SAY, IT IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO BEGIN NOW, AND THE WORK TO DO THIS HAS BEEN PUT EVERYTHING IN PLACE FOR THIS. I KEEP HEARING MANY MANY PIECES OF INTELLIGENCE THAT FIT EACH OTHER, AND CORROBORATES WHAT I AM TOLD BY THE HIGHER LEVELS. ALL IS GOOD. THIS COMING WEEK REALLY BEGINS WITH THE 17TH AND THE RELEASES. THERE ARE FURTHER DATES THAT ARE CRITICAL, AND THEY ALSO HAPPEN IN MARCH. MORE ON THAT LATER. RIGHT NOW, THE HISTORIC GLOBAL CONFERENCE IN HK HAS/IS ENDING, AND EVERYBODY WILL HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT TO DO NEXT. THIS BODES WELL FOR ALL OF HUMANITY. Hi Susan and ZAP. Yesterday I finished 18 weeks of chemo down at the day spa and have won the battle. Ole Snort is out of retirement and raging about to kick the financing into high gear. It is time to move this parade forward now. We’re ready to begin the massive and vitally important project of educating and reeducating humanity into a global wonder reaching for the stars! How about you and your people? There is too much light now to sustain any counter purposes. What a wonderful day!!! Let’s go play!!!! RJC NO KIDDING. WELL SAID. IT IS THE TIME, AND IT IS THE PLACE. Dear Zap and Susan,  I found this post on Rumor Mill News (in case you aren’t familiar with RMN – it is an alternative news website – http://rumormillnews.com/ ) it sounds like it could be for real but then again, I don’t trust KH as far as I can throw an elephant or a flying Purple Pig for that matter. Any way I would appreciate your take on this – post is below  Thanks,  BM (from Bob’s Bank) ————– Board of Governors of World Bank and IMF announce transition to asset-backed currencies Date: Monday, 9-Mar-2015 16:58:02 [PRESSWIRE] Washington DC, United States – 09 March 2015 – The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced that fractional reserve fiat currencies will be replaced with gold from a trust created at the end of World War II. Jose Rizal, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos, established this trust for the benefit of humanity. The trust also contains other precious metals, gems, and artwork. The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury do not possess the monetary gold reserves of the United States; these reserves are in the trust administered for the benefit of humanity by the Bretton Woods institutions. Instead, the Federal Reserve owes quadrillions in compound interest on obligations issued during the 1930s. The Board of Governors has filed Financing Statements with the Secretaries of State in the 12 states where the Federal Reserve Banks are located to secure this debt. National debts are going to be offset against the indebtedness of the Federal Reserve. Antal Fekete, a monetary expert of the New Austrian School of Economics, said: “A negative gold basis tells you that there is an excruciating shortage of deliverable gold.” The Board of Governors determined that the fractional reserve fiat currency of each country is going to be exchanged for their national currency in aurum ( HYPERLINK “http://www.peakprosp…w-way-hold-gold” http://www.peakprosp…w-way-hold-gold  ). Treasuries will issue gold certificates on an interim basis. The certificates will be replaced with aurum as they are minted. With restored confidence in international currencies, peace and prosperity will be preserved. Legal tender laws will go out of effect, and local currencies will be permitted. Countries may also issue asset-backed currency with other commodities than gold. The Bretton Woods institutions held the trust secret for 50 years so that the assets were clear and free for humanity as a whole under the statute of limitations. The 50 years of sequestration ended in 2005. A coalition for the rule of law has come into existence to end the secrecy and to safeguard humanity’s patrimony. This coalition was predicted by an accurate power transition model developed for the US Department of Defense by Jacek Kugler (   https://s3.amazonaws…tia model.pdf). The fractional reserve fiat currencies of the central bank members of the Bank for International Settlements will continue to circulate until they are exchanged with aurum. XXXXX XXXXX, the Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is legal counsel to the trust. THESE AND OTHER SIMILAR EFFORTS IN THE MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE NEW INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTS ARE ALL IN THE PROCESS OF COMING FULLY FUNCTIONAL AS CAN BE SEEN HERE. THIS IS INDICATIVE OF THE CURRENT STATUS OF THE RESET, AND IT IS WELL ADVANCED. IT IS VERY GOOD TO SEE. THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE DONE AND SO MANY PROJECTS MUST BE DEPLOYED. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS BIT…IT IS IMPORTANT. Thank you so much for your continued information. I so appreciate it. About all the haters, hating. There is a concept that might help them. Here’s something for them to wrap their heads around. We are ALL One collective consciousness. When the collective is in appreciation, then everyone feels it. The same goes for when we are sad, or depressed or pointing a finger of judgment. With that concept in mind, if we make an effort to stay positive, it will push us forward. We are all ONE, LOVE. With Love and appreciation,  DZ G’DEAL. THANKS FOR THAT. THAT IS INDEED THE SINGULAR CONCEPT THAT MUST BE FIRST CONSIDERED IN WHATEVER WE UNDERTAKE TO DO. IT IS SIMPLE, YES, AND WISH FOR MORE IN TUNE WITH ITS MEANING. Dearest Zap, Susan, Miss Phipps, Snuffles, et al,   Words cannot express how impressed and thankful MOST of us are for your effort, research, patience, information, humor, accuracy, dedication, etc., etc., that you have shown us over this long ending of the long haul we’ve all been on. I can speak for the majority as we of discernment have come to this point TOGETHER…and there is little, if anything that you (as well as Poof before you) that hasn’t proven to be incredibly accurate TRUTH! BLESS YER HEART LASSIE. Granted, there is not one amongst us that ever dreamed before becoming involved in this enterprise, that had much, if any, idea of the complexities and dark secrets behind this. In my humble opinion, you all and ONLY you have shared all relevant information you could at whatever time. Andddd…that information has been right-on. So, kudos to you, as well as any researchers/contacts you have depended on for same. BRAVO!!!  Many thanks for all your effort and sacrifices. Hugs, CC/H THANKS MUCH FOR THAT. IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. FEW UNDERSTAND THE DARKNESS WE HAVE TO JUMP INTO FROM TIME TO TIME, AND THERE ARE NO MAPS. MOSTLY, UNRAVELING PUZZLES IS EASY WHEN THE TOP DOWN VIEW IS MADE AVAILABLE, SO MY WORDS ARE JUST MERE REFLECTIONS OF SOME EVENTS. PS: To Zap…..  Additionally:   Just have to give credit where credit is due and share MY affinity for the f- bomb. Feel the same way about it as you, Zap and an adult who objects to “adult content” isn’t either telling his/her truth, is just being inflammatory for lack of anything of relevance, or is typically a straight-laced idiot. “Our” word has been in every major dictionary for years and its definitions/parts of speech are exactly as you’ve described….and I’ve “concocted” my own usage over time….it’s truly one of the words that most often I use! So, f-ng A, buddy! (Hope you saw the movie!?! ) xxxooo IT TRULY IS A WORD OF GREAT VERSATILITY. TIS AMAZING REALLY HOW PEOPLE INTERPRET THINGS EITHER TO THE POSITIVE OR TO THE NEGATIVE. REALLY MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHICH WAY THEY GO AS THE CHOICE THING, THE EXPERIENCE, OF GOING DOWN ANY PATH IS SOMETHING THAT IS CHOSEN TO BE EXPERIENCED AND WE CAN ONLY SUGGEST A DIFFERENT PERCEPTION THAT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK FOR THE PERSON. THE OLD THING OF LEADING A HORSE TO WATER ONLY TO FIND HE CAN NOT EVEN SMELL THE WATER IS SADDENING. BUT, WE ARE HAPPY AND WE ARE JOYFUL, AND GOSH DARN IT, PEOPLE LIKE US.
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE LYRICS “Crown Of Creation” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9diDKg3aos You are the crown of creation. You are the crown of creation, And you’ve got no place to go. Soon you’ll attain the stability you strive for, In the only way that it’s granted: In a place among the fossils of our time. In loyalty to their kind They cannot tolerate our minds. In loyalty to our kind We cannot tolerate their obstruction! Life is change. How it differs from the rocks. I’ve seen their ways too often for my liking. New worlds to gain. My life is to survive and be alive  for you.

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David Wilcock: I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance

David Wilcock adds his comments to Benjamin Fulford’s latest post. David often adds more comments so I will update this post as needed.

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:08 am

I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance. I don’t have any idea why Ben came out with such an unprovoked and groundless accusation that Putin was involved in 3/11. Ben has been in at least three Russian documentaries that greatly exposed what is going on, and this included a documentary that talked about 3/11 and repeated what he said about it being caused by Israel. From what I have been hearing on my end, the panic is every bit as high in the space program side of the Cabal / Illuminati as it is on the terrestrial side. The Alliance wants to:
  • Do away with all cabals and secrecy on earth;
  • Release all forbidden technologies (very advanced stuff);
  • Eliminate money completely (we will not need it);
  • Bring us into cooperation with positive ETs (there are many);
  • Set up a transitional government, which then leads to;
  • Clearing out most forms of government entirely;
  • Completely restore the biosphere, reverse droughts, feed people;
  • Colonize space much more than the “colonies” that now exist.
I am sure there are other goals, but those are the ones we know of. Governments will not be necessary beyond a limited degree when everything is open and honest, there is no need for money because everyone has what they need, and people can all have a voice through electronic communication. There were VERY big meetings going on, with both the Alliance and the Cabal, starting around last Tuesday — just a few days after Putin disappeared. It is almost a certainty that he was at these meetings. There have been MAJOR defections over to the Alliance in the space program, and they have been ordered to put the brakes on and not take it quite so fast. They attacked a base on Mars and a base off the coast of South Carolina and caused a lot of “collateral damage” and innocent deaths in both cases. Though they now have been given the tech to do this, they are being asked not to be so violent with it. This is meant to be a gradual change that remains peaceful, and helps us move into a peaceful spacefaring advanced society. Very exciting stuff to read here. I’ve been so wrapped up in the space side of things I haven’t paid much attention to the worldly news. – David divinecosmos.com wisdomteachings.com disclosuretruth.com

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:10 am

I meant to say it is almost a certainty that Putin was at the Alliance meetings. Definitely not the Cabal meetings. – David Source:  http://www.theeventchronicle.com/intel/david-wilcock-i-strongly-suspect-that-putin-was-having-meetings-with-the-alliance/

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Benjamin Fulford – 3/16/2015

Big public announcements and news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending

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This Video Exposes The Corrupt World We’re Living In. But We Can Change It!

Mar 14, 2015 At this moment you can be anywhere, doing anything. Instead you sit alone before a screen.  So what is stopping us from doing what we want, being where we wanna be? Each day we wake up in the same room, following the same path to live the same day as yesterday. Yet at one time, each day was a new adventure. Along the way something changed.  Before, our days were timeless, now our days are scheduled. Is this what it means to be grownup, to be free, but are we really free?  Food, water and land, the very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations. If you try to take what earth provides you’ll be locked away, so we obey their rules. We discovered the world through a text book, raised not to make a difference in this world, raised to be no different.  Smart enough to do our job, but not to question why we do it.  So we work and work left with no time to live the life we worked for. If you live in America there is a 41% chance you will get cancer. Heart Disease will kill one out of 3 Americans. We’re told that everything could be solved by throwing money at scientists so that they can discover a pill that makes our problems go away. But the drug companies and cancer societies rely on our suffering to make a profit. We think we running for a cure but really we running away from the cause. Our body is a product of what we consume and the food we eat is designed purely for profit. We fill ourselves with toxic chemicals, the bodies of animals infested with drugs and diseases. But we don’t see this. The small group of corporations that own the media don’t’ want us to. Surrounding us with a fantasy we’re told is reality. It is not too late, we can change it. Credit: True Activist Source:  http://themindunleashed.org/2015/03/this-video-exposes-the-corrupt-world-were-living-in-but-we-can-change-it.html  

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