Is There a New 9/11 “attack” in the Works?

( This is interesting, for sure…  /dt ) Rebekah Roth
Published on Dec 10, 2016

Read Rebekah Roth’s books. Is there a new 9/11 false flag attack in the works? If you had foreknowledge of 9/11 would you have remained silent? Do you know what happened to Libya’s Stinger missiles? All 20, 000 of them? How is the Clinton Foundation involved? What do they have planned for America as soon as Trump is in office? To contact Rebekah Roth: Autographed books available at all websites below: Book 1 Methodical Illusion Book 2 Methodical Deception Book 3 Methodical Conclusion Books available in soft cover, hard cover and e-book at Amazon Books can be ordered through any bookstore. Personal Blog… Follow Rebekah on Facebook… For Free vinyl window sticker Email your name and address to: simply hit the contact button to send an email. Visit George Webb’s You Tube channel:

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9/11 & BEYOND: The Rothschilds & NUKES — James Perloff
Published on Dec 11, 2016

IMPORTANT NOTE: You Tube IMMEDIATELY labeled this video “NOT ADVERTISING FRIENDLY”. They do NOT want content like this being produced OR shared. Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to discuss the evidence that suggests that tactical nuclear devices were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. James also talks about the 2017 cover of the Rothschild’s Economist Magazine which touts ‘The World in 2017′ and features 8 tarot cards, one of which is the “death card” which shows a nuclear explosion. Visit James’ site to support him & buy his excellent books. For REAL news 24/7:


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Please, Mr. Trump, look into the real cause of the 9/11 tragedy !!

Trump saw on 9/11/2001: bombs were used in WTC

Published on Sep 16, 2016

Donald Trump saw the same day that bombs must have been used on the WTC towers on 9/11/2001. He quickly knew that the official Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911) was a lie. From his experience building steel sky scrapers, he knew they were built to be strong, even against a jet. He stated to the reporter that bombs must also have been involved. Donald showed what a nice guy he is, as he called his competitor Larry Silverstein to see if he was ok. He did not suspect Larry let 3000 of his tenants die for over $4 billion from insurance. Never investigated by George Bush’s 9/11 Commission: * Controlled Demolition: Thermitic explosive residue has been found in the WTC dust by scientists. * WTC Building 7: Collapsed at near free fall speed at 5:20 pm and not hit by a plane * Ace Elevator Company in the shafts 1994 – 2001 the perfect place to plant explosives next to columns * LVI Services removing illegal asbestos above the ceiling panels, another perfect place to plant explosives * SecuraCom: the security guard company with his brother Marvin Bush on the Board of Directors * Larry Silverstein purchased landlord rights a few months before 9/11 doubled the insurance was not in his usual office and received over $4 billion * Remote Control Take Over: Boeing’s patented technology that would look, from outside, just like a hijacking from inside… Proposal to Donald for a new investigation of 9/11: Political action to inform Donald: Scientific research questioning 9/11: Note: This was an audio-only interview by reporters at Channel 9. Rolland Smith, Alan Marcus The photo in the thumb nail is actually from another interview by a German reporter on 9/11/2001, who looks similar to Alan. Original same day news interview:… Music: “Call For Heroes” used with permission of composer Pierre Gerwig Langer… Closed Caption is available if you click “cc”

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The Outlandish Conspiracy Theory as Told by the U.S. Government

Published on Oct 14, 2016

It’s always been easier to deceive the masses than to convince them that they’ve been deceived. And the greatest deceiver of the people have been the agents of the mythological entity known as “government.”

*** “9/11 Was an INSIDE JOB” shirts are available in the store. You get $5 off with the promo code: “5off.” But read the rest of the shirt…THIS is a real conversation starter! This video encapsulates the ridiculous assertions of the “official” story for those who believe the Government’s version about what happened on 9/11. It was also created to honor those who lost loved ones as a direct or indirect result of 9/11 in the hopes that the real criminals will be brought to justice. Special thanks to James Corbett for granting permission to use his script for the making of this video. Visit his channel and consider subscribing. His site contains a LOT of well-researched information. This link to his site will provide all the documentation and hyperlinks to support each statement made in the video:… James’ original video is here:… I encourage you to view it and leave your comments. Youtube: You can consider this for “entertainment purposes only.” 2 additional minutes of info was added to James’ script. In case you missed the others. Here are the 9/11 Facts series of videos: Part 1:… Part 2:… Part 3:… Part 4:…

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