Wow! What Wyoming Just Did With This Vacant Structure Is Simply Amazing! (and great for the world)

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At first this building simply looks like an old, unused parking structure. But some folks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming thought much more of it than first met the eye. And that’s so cool!
Much of the food in Wyoming is a result of imports from California, and that would stand to reason seeing that Wyoming experiences one tough winter. They can go from October to May and not even see the ground due to the constant snow and incredibly low temperatures which create a frozen tundra. The idea of growing their own food has been often thought to be a near non-consideration. That is until now. A startup called appropriately Vertical Harvest and the town of Jackson Hole have teamed up to bring you the coolest structure ever: A Vertical Farm. It’s essentially a greenhouse which can grow food and avoid some importation from out of state.
  From the original article: The startup plans to employ workers with developmental disabilities who have few local options for a job. “We have a certain number of hours of work and divide it up based on ability, desire, and skill,” Yehia explains. “The job is developed based on how many hours someone wants to work and can work.” How amazing is this? Imagine a world where rugged climates such as Wyoming could actually work with their communities to utilize old abandoned structures as greenhouses. That’s what’s happening here, and furthering the amazement, the town owns half the farm! Source:

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    Outstanding practical idea, in all realms! Very encouraging & innovative, in deed!


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