Why HEMP can save humankind: Research scientist speaks out…

Published on May 19, 2016

* I’m a food scientist running LC/MS instrumentation to examine organic compounds and contaminants in foods and plants.

* What I’m seeing in HEMP is mind-blowing. The complexity and intricacy of the plant is extraordinary. * The molecular constituents of hemp are FINE-TUNED molecules for spontaneous human healing. This cannot be a coincidence… * THC and CBD have exactly the same elements; they are just arranged differently! * There’s almost something about hemp that seems “intelligently designed.” It’s way beyond typical botanicals found in nature. * Hemp almost seems to have a literal “divine purpose” for humanity. * All the different molecules have different medicinal uses and properties, from CBD to CBN, THC, etc. * How does HEMP harvest Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and then synthesize powerful medicine from it? * The hemp plant is literally manufacturing powerful medicine… for free! * Hemp can help save humanity… with medicine, fiber, nutrition, agricultural economics… even polymers! * Humanity is looking for answers. HEMP is the answer at so many levels… so why have the governments of the world kept it illegal? * Governments don’t want humanity to have powerful, free medicine. There’s too much PROFIT at stake with the “sick care” industry. * Hemp offers an abundance of real answers for many of the problems plaguing humanity. * There are a thousand other molecules in hemp, each of which may have some yet unknown medicinal or technological application for humanity. * How might hemp molecules interact with intestinal flora to produce additional synthesis or transformation of molecules into even more powerful healing medicines for humanity? * We have to start looking at hemp components working in conjunction with other phytochemicals. * Natural plant molecules tend to work in SYNERGY when combined, while synthetic toxic chemicals made by Man tend to multiply their toxicity when combined. * Every living plant has an INTENTION… a purpose for existing. Plant consciousness is real. Hemp wants to be medicine. * There is a structural resonance among hemp’s therapeutic molecules and human neurology. If you could “hear” it, it would sound like a beautiful symphony. * I don’t smoke hemp… but I am INSPIRED by what the science is revealing about this extraordinary plant. * This plant is changing my world view of what’s possible with botanical healing. Learn more at: http://MedicalMarijuanaUpdate.com

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