TRUMP: Why Can’t We Look Into Vaccine Safety?

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( Please, if you have a Twitter account, do reach out to Mr. Trump and let him know your support on this subject.  I am definitely letting him know that I support him and Robert Kennedy Jr. …  /dt )   From Dr. Tenpenny via Facebook… Photo by Michael Vadon **important!!** President-Elect Trump has nominated RFK Jr, environmental attorney and activist to lead a commission for Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity Commission. The Blow Back has already begun…and it is BIG. We need to show support for this confirmation. RFK Jr’s confirmation is important on many fronts – the environment, mercury, fluoride – not just vaccines. That part is being left out. He was involved with the North Dakota pipeline issue and on and on. Bobby is a powerhouse in all these areas…and experienced enough to stand the heat and pressure from all sides. He will bring topics to the mainstream that have been “conspiracy” labels.
Please tweet Mr. Trump @RealDonaldTrump to support Kennedy’s nomination and thank them both for championing healthy children and standing up for the vaccine-injured. Make your voice heard. The focus hashtag #RFKCommission is automatically included in your post.

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    Dear President-elect Trump,
    Thank you for focusing on the important issue of vaccine safety! And thank you for nominating Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to bring focus to this issue! Our prayers are with you and your family. Keep standing strong!
    Jed Dowd, Colorado


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