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Published on Dec 28, 2014

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    good concise explanation of what some call “Babylonian Beast”. Remember the angry physical display by Yeshua/ Jesus/ Emmanuel throwing the money-changers out of the temple?? Unequal weights & measures, & charging interest are both decried in OT scripture, yet seemingly idolized in Western society. Actually, “money”, a representation of value is created by one’s signature, not out of “nothing”, as People are the true value, co-creators with The Source Creator.

    Actually, one’s Autograph (aka signature of highly valued people) more accurately describes money creation, each one a personal private bank(er); Au= gold + graph= mark. Gold to Mark (German money). Who KNEW each one was so valuable, reflecting spark of Source Creator, as to create whatever one desires with a slight movement of distinctive hand motion?? One’s Autograph has been in deed “as good as gold” in the current (currency flow) system! WHy do we need “banksters”?? i say we do NOT, but rather realize one’s worth is intrinsically unlimited, Given by Source of all Abundance displayed in all creation around us. If/when ALL are replete & dwell in Source Abundance, what motivation is in war or competition to gain more over another?

    Is not true Treasure found within Love, Peace, Justice, Joy, Giving, Sharing, Forgiveness & more fruits of Holy (Wholly) Spirit displayed in each one for good of all?


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