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( I totally agree with this statement…  /dt )
Mark Whitney
We in groups of this sort both large and small often paint this man known as Obama with but one paint brush, I do not know who Obama is or if he is good or bad man or where he came from and very honestly I don’t really care, I don’t, I am neither advocating him or denying him however, what I do see from an alternative perspective is that there is in play here many acts playing out in a way that is helping at least in part to eradicate this fraudulent illegitimate government that is now in place, this government I speak of is often referred to on one side as the CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES and there should be no question of anyone that all of its ill and bad deeds are now currently being brought to the surface and being exposed for what they are. If this is true for you then what we might actually be witnessing going on here would in reality be nothing short of a miracle that might just be incomprehensible for many people to even begin to conceive on the multiple levels that we are all existing in right now.
On the other side and one of the reasons I think of why so many people are having such a hard time understanding what is going on and why some people are always defending this man all the while most of the rest of the world immediately despise Obama is that on one hand many know that what we are dealing with here is a totally fraudulent rouge government while on the other hand we think this is a real government and in between all this resides some semblance of truth and it is because of this confusion and mass manipulation that we can all agree something had to be done to bring it all down, whether your idea is that Obama is good or bad, that everything as a result of his behavior is getting this fraudulent government exposed and bringing it all to the surface and this is what in my mind is the most important item, instead we fight about Obama being good or bad which in of itself has caused many fights and division within our mix of opinions in groups like this and even around the globe. One of the reasons I think this might be so hard for some people is because many people are regarding this government as being legitimate and that Obamas actions are detrimental to this faults idea that this Government is real and legit when it fact it’s not, this seems to happens even to those who know that this government is as much of a fraud if not more so than the Banks who run this government are, we all know that it’s all so corrupt right down from the Vatican, the crown that at some point I would imagine something of very drastic proportions had to be done to bring all the evils and wrong doings of this illegitimate government to its knees and what better way than to bring in a man to help tear it down from the inside out, when people are mad at Obama it’s often because they perceive Obama alone is ruining this government and nation to the ground and from that point of view you would be right however, we must not forget that this is not our government and never has been for a very long time, it was usurped by some very evil entities a very long time ago and we know we can’t have it both ways, it’s either a fraud or it’s legitimate, but most know this has not been our government since 1871 so what this government does or what Obama does within the confounds as CEO of USA INCRPORATED is of no actually significants to our collective cause simply because it is not the government we want anyway, it’s a total fraud and it needs to be eradicated and soon so we can all start build a new one from that take down moving forward.. Understand that in some ways this fraudulent illegitimate government is just one part of a global web that stems down to all of us from places such as the Vatican, the Crown, and the Banks that have infiltrated and has it’s tentacles in every aspect of our life’s and on multiple levels and this game is hugely massive beyond most peoples conception, again so massive that many might not even have the capacity to even see it all in all its great depths and tentacles and mind you, I can’t either I but I do see many of them that’s for sure. This is huge folks and it’s not been easy for any of us and certainly not for me. Now I would like to ask you to just relax yourselves for one minute and try to imagine for a moment that Obama is the good guy how difficult this job would be for anyone giving the amount of heat and rejection he must endure, I don’t know of to many people who could handle that kind of pressure and still be standing, very honestly, I have never known a man so hated in all my 55 years on this planet ever and yet the man still stands, take it all in and try and see it from a different angle for a change. Again I am not saying this is the case or that I am right, but surly by now you can see that something had to be done on a massive scale to get this job done and as I said, this is not our government anyway and it’s certainly not the government any of us really want, this game is evil to the core and most of us know this and yet we still want to instantly bash Obama as being the culprit of all our ills, I’m sorry, but this is not necessarily the case no matter how simple you may want to make it out to be, it’s not quite that simple because these are not normal times and this is certainly not our government that’s now occupying the White House no… instead these are times that have required drastic measures if we were ever to succeed at removing these evil bastards from power. It is for this reason that I start to get really annoyed at the many simple stupid comments coming from the same people day after day because I know from these stupid comments that these people have not done a speck of research or even though about anything outside themselves, it’s time to wake up folks and be grownups and stop with just the following and ranting the same ole common general narrative of the times we live in, this antidote of simply saying he is Cabal as far as I am concerned is no longer good enough nor should it be tolerated by any of us, maybe it’s time we all grow up, seriously. Now imagine for a moment that Obama is the Bad guy as many believe and I totally understand this concept, yeah I get it OK, but the end result of him being portrayed as good guy or bad guy comes with the exact same results because both it and he is exposing this fraudulent government and bringing all of the countless evil and ills all out to the open and to the surface for all the world to see, is this not exactly what we need no matter what the man’s intentions might be good or bad. Either way as I see it is a good thing because one way or another this fraudulent evil system must be eradicated and it must be done very, very soon, now I am hoping that you can see and understand my logic here? If not please ask for clarification, but if we are willing to bring ourselves to a deeper level of understanding and stop ourselves from these idiotic knee jerk reactions I think we can get to where we all want to go a hell of a lot faster. Now I will tell you right up front and for the record, I do not know that answers, I only know the questions, but chances are, none of you instant Obama haters with your knee jerk reactions don’t actually know the answer either when it comes to Obama, so I would like to respectfully ask you to at least if nothing else be neutral and no, not for me but for yourselves otherwise in reality your only blocking yourselves from receiving more information or a different perspective. Neutral… It’s the best place to be and again this is because none of us know for certain anymore what the actual truth is about much of anything, today there is a lot of heavy and negative noise being broadcast and sent our way and it’s becoming more and more difficult to discern what the actual truth is about much of anything, so it would behoove you to try if you can and go with the flow and it is this flow that will inevitably help lead you to the truth, not my truth, not your truth but just the truth and is that not what we all want in the end is the real truth? Remember, try and be neutral and keep focused on looking at the bigger picture and understand that the truth will be known to all in due time so please do us, me and yourself a favor and stop jumping to conclusions because at the end of the day, it’ not going to help anyone. Is it? OK DONE WITH MY RANT. Now go and have yourselves a grand day and go create the future that you desire. Thank you for reading today’s episode of “As The World Turns” Source:  from Facebook, with permission…

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    So glad to see these perspectives posted now. Thanks, DT. I’m holding Obama in the Light.


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