Did we really understand the issue Kaepernick was trying to bring attention to ?

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( Like I’ve said before, I’ve had mixed emotions on this issue…  and I’ve said that the NFL players and fans have totally gotten away from the original message…  Maybe this will help explain the beginning of this debate…  /dt )

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    What he’s protesting about may be valid, but where he’s staging his protest and what he’s associating it with are inappropriate. Wanting to be heard is understandable, but venue and association go along with that and, in this case, are inappropriate. His protest has nothing to do with the flag, the military or football (and other sports).

    And here is another thing that needs airing. Has anyone noticed that the protestors are not interfering with the anthem; they aren’t making any noise or hopping up and down or doing anything to disturb the ceremony. They are just sitting silently. This is a problem? Really? The source of the unrest regarding their conduct has to do with what we are taught is the “respectful” and “proper” attitude and posture to assume during the ceremony. George Carlin (may he rest in peace) did a skit about the proper posture during the anthem. He said, paraphrased: What if I put right hand in my pocket, put both hands in my pockets, stand on one leg, sit, lie down, etc.? What difference does it really make. I agree with George; it makes no difference, as long as they are not interfering with the ceremony. If one does like their posture or position, one should just focus on the ceremony and forget about what they are doing. One can enjoy the ceremony in whatever prescribed mode one wishes without getting into what someone else is doing—as long as that someone else is not disturbing the ceremony. So far, these protestors have not disturbed the ceremony, that I am aware of. Not really.

    Personally, I am very tired of this entire issue, including the anthem. I tune in to football to watch football, not to participate in the national anthem or to focus on any other thing. The anthem, patriotic though it is, has nothing to do with football (or any other sport). Why must we venerate the flag or the military whenever we watch a football game (or any other sport)? There is nothing wrong with doing that ceremony, but it also isn’t necessary or relevant to the game.

    Can we please dispense with all of this nonsense and get on with the game?


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