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Feds prep for Waco style raid of Bundy Ranch

MAKE THIS VIDEO VIRAL!!! NEVADA | In the state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy and his family are currently caught in a fight over land with the Federal government. This is over his long standing refusal to acknowledge a 1993 modification to grazing rights on the land.

Bundy claims the land has been in his family since the 1800s. On Saturday, hundreds of federal officials, helicopters, low flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle in northeastern Clark County. Bundy stated to the media, “I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life. Why I raise cattle there and why I can raise cattle there is because I have preemptive rights… who is the trespasser here? Who is the trespasser on this land? Is the United States trespassing on Clark County, Nevada, land? Or is it Cliven Bundy who is trespassing on Clark County, Nevada, land? Who’s the trespasser?” More than 100 supporters violated a crudely taped off “First Amendment Area” to rally in support of the Bundy family. They erected two flagpoles with the words “We the People” above a flag which read, “Liberty Freedom For God We Stand”. The first amendment area stood empty, with one sign nearby declaring, “1st Amendment is not an area.” The feds say the move is about enforcing the law and protecting the endangered desert tortoise, but the Bundy family says the spat represents a showdown between big government and American farmers. The Feds claim that the removal of the cattle from the land will cost taxpayers roughly $ 3 million. Pete Santilli is a former US marine, and radio host who hopes for revolutionary change to come to America… He is coming to us Live from the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Source:

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GOP Congressman Seeks to Block GMO Labeling

GOP Congressman Seeks to Block GMO Labeling

Republican Representative Mike Pompeo (Kansas) has introduced the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act”. The bill would prevent a number of states from requiring genetically modified foods (GMOs) be labeled as such.

If the bill should pass, only ingredients that are suspected of presenting a potential health or safety risk would be required to be reported on labeling.

Pompeo believes that the labeling is largely unnecessary, according to RawStory, as the GMO foods are equally as safe as natural foods. The companies that produce the foods also claim that they are safe.

“It has to date made food safer and more abundant,” said Pompeo. “It has been an enormous boon to all of humanity.”

However, Pompeo is engaging in a bit of selective recall as a number of studies have shown connections between GMOs and health complications in humans and animals. Not to mention the potential ecological dangers posed by GMO crops.

Many consumer and environmental groups have raised concerns over the dangers that genetically modified crops pose to existing natural vegetation.

It is common that these crops must be weed-killer resistant or, what is known as, “Roundup ready” to withstand the use of Monsanto’s weed killer. Food safety and public health watch groups are not so convinced.

Pompeo’s bill is drawing fire as trying to make law of a broken and voluntary labeling system. Scott Faber, senior vice-president of government affairs at the Environmental Working Group has said, “Americans overwhelmingly want the right to know whether there are GE ingredients in their food.”

The bill, despite having support from a wide group of businesses, is not expected to survive and be passed through the Senate.


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The Great American Grocery Hoax

The Great American Grocery Hoax There is a big secret out there in the grocery store aisles that no one wants you to know.  There is a hoax of monumental proportions that is being perpetrated on the American public. Before I tell you what it is, let me remind you of some things that you already know. It’s no secret at all that the American economy is in dire straits. Unemployment has skyrocketed and today’s dollars buy a lot less than the dollars of just a few years ago. Even the most thrifty shopper will pay substantially more for a cart full of groceries.  To make matters worse, our country’s main food-producing areas have been devastated by droughts, and you can expect that prices will only go up from here. So people work for slave wages, if they can find work at all, then go to the grocery store and buy what they can afford.  And that is where the secret comes in. The secret is:

The stuff sold there is not actually food.

Nutritional Anarchy has posted a couple of videos recently about the massive number of ingredients in inexpensive processed food items.  You can learn about what is contained in a Hungry Man Homestyle Dinner HERE and about the gastronomical delights that 48 cents will buy you HERE. If you’ve ever been broke, you can easily see how a “meal” for a couple of dollars or less would be an appealing addition to a grocery cart. But here is the scary epiphany:

The stuff sold there is not actually food.

I guess this depends on one’s definition of the word “food”. says “food” is:
any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life,provide energy, promote growth, etc.
Merriam-Webster says “food” is:
 material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy; also :  such food together with supplementary substances (as minerals, vitamins, and condiments)
The Oxford Dictionary says “food” is:
any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth
Traditionally…and by traditionally I mean ever since there were humans on the planet eating stuff…food came from one of these sources: plants or animals.  It has been hunted, gathered, foraged, cultivated, and farmed. But now these substances are being created in a lab environment. From purely synthetic ingredients, compounds are formed.  Sometimes a bit of the original food is present, perhaps a small bit of meat or vegetable or grain, and that item is stretched with chemicals to turn it into a food-like substance. The substance is shaped to look like food. It is artificially colored and molded into forms like some kind of semi-edible play-dough.  Then scents and flavors, also artificial, are added.  This makes the substances resemble food even more because now it tastes and smells like food. Because it isn’t immediately lethal to ingest, those noble guardians at the FDA slap a label on it that the substance is GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe. Then the substance is placed into little plastic trays, foil, bags, or cellophane. That is placed inside a box with an illustration on the outside. The illustration looks like the food that the substance inside all of the packaging is supposed to taste like.  Perhaps it is a juicy roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, savory gravy, and carrots.  Your brain processes this visual stimuli and expects that the substance contained within is indeed “food.” But it isn’t. It’s a scam.  People go to the store to buy food, but they are sold something else, something that only pretends to be food.

The stuff sold there is not actually food.

Only a tiny fraction of the contents of that box is actually food. Your ancestors would not recognize this as food at all.  If you dare to eat this, you are consuming a food substitute that is being passed off to you because there is no food left for the likes of us.  Most of what is being sold in the grocery store is NOT ACTUALLY FOOD. It is food-like substances. It is a pile of chemicals masquerading as food to satiate hunger and deceive those who consume it into believing that they are eating food and ingesting nutrients. Did you ever see the movie Soylent Green? In the movie, the futuristic over-populated world no longer can provide food for the population.  Instead processed food-like substances are rationed out to keep people alive.  Initially, there was Soylent Yellow and Soylent Red, but then, a new product, Soylent Green, became available in limited quantities. The actual source of Soylent Green is a closely guarded secret: no one is allowed to know what is actually in it.  Consumers are deceived with some scientific sounding descriptions until the awful truth comes out. Does this sound familiar? While Soylent Green was actually made from ground up humans (sorry, spoiler), the origins of what is being sold in our groceries stores today are no less mysterious or closely guarded.  Soylent Green was so delectable to the unknowing public that they would commit heinous crimes to get more.  The food-like substances in the grocery stores are loaded with processed white sugar (which actually has addictive properties similar to heroin), high fructose corn syrup, and MSG, which stimulates the production of hunger hormones, giving a whole new meaning to that fun slogan, “Bet you can’t eat just one.” If you eat this stuff,you will be hooked because they want you to be hooked.  You will be perfectly content feeding your addiction instead of nourishing your body.  You won’t even MISS actual food.  The next generation may not even know what actual food IS at the rate these processed concoctions are filling pantries and refrigerators in homes across the country. Those with lower incomes are particularly targeted by this, because unless you are making good money, it’s nearly impossible to purchase nourishing, whole foods. I’ll give you a hint: if it is sold in a box and it has more ingredients than you have fingers, it probably isn’t food by any accepted definition. It might keep you alive, but it will not keep you nourished and healthy. Big Food doesn’t really care if you die from eating this stuff, as long as you don’t keel over immediately – then they’d be liable.  They don’t care if you develop cancer or if you are malnourished.  That actually just helps out their buddies at Big Pharma.  Then they can go play golf together on the proceeds. There is a conspiracy afoot and you can find evidence of the massive deception as close as your nearest grocery store, fast food establishment, or corner store.  They are selling poisonous artificial food, and people are happily paying them for it.

Commit Nutritional Anarchy.

Rebel.  Just say no to food-like substances.  Declare war on Big Food.
  • Refuse to eat these products that are flavored with brain-cell killing neurotoxins that tickle the pleasure centers in your brain and make you want more.
  • Grow what you can – no matter how little, it is going to be better and healthier than what you’ll get at the store
  • Buy ingredients instead of “meals” in a box.
  • Cook from scratch.
  • Visit your farmer’s markets or local farms.  (Find one near you HERE)
  • Learn what to eat when you’re broke – make the best choices when you are on a tight budget.
  • Build a whole-food pantry

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News, Rumors, and Opinions Thursday Morning

KTFA: CVBC:  IMF Meeting from the 11th to 13th… CBI is attending the Meetings… Per Team26… MR paper work signed, sealed, delivered… Per Team26… DFI Funds picked up… Wouldn’t this the a great time to PUSH THE BUTTON!!! walkingstick » Iraq is losing 13 billion dollars a month because of delays in the ratification of the budget Writings….Thursday , April 10, 2014 Alaa Yousif wrote: Iraq entered the fourth month of the new fiscal year, the House of Representatives has not been able to now from the enactment of the budget, which amounts to 150 billion dollars, resulting in the disabling of investment projects and the escape of a number of foreign investors due to the absence of political stability and security in the country. ….
A member of the Economic Commission deputy state law Salman al-Moussawi said the fiscal budget of the country for the year 2014 amounting to 150 billion dollars, although not approved by the House of Representatives because of political differences and try to thwart the efforts of the government is causing financial loss to the Iraq amounting to 13 billion dollars a month. added that Iraq lost to Now more than 50 billion dollars to not approve the financial budget, thus affecting the reconstruction projects of the country, and specifically on the investment budget for the foreign companies and the appointment of new staff, pointing out that he is supposed to be the financial budget ready in the tenth month of each year, except that in Iraq began the new fiscal year has not been the adoption of the budget. He explained that the executive branch has the authorization to withdraw funds from the budget in order to pay the salaries of employees and retirement.   LINK ************* walkongstick : CBI in Washington to attend meetings of the IMF and World Bank-   LINK Frank26: EXCELLENT ************ walkongstick : Finance: let the CBI improve the status of the dinar against other currencies  LINK Frank26:  Excellent………….. Let it be so ! ************ Walkongstick:  IMF: Iraq tops the Middle East countries in GDP growth Editor Duraid Salman – Thursday April 10, 2014 09:05 LINK Frank26:   EXCELLENT AGAIN ……. But …… Embarrassing at 1166 …….. Wouldn’t You say CBI? ************ Walkongstick :Financial expert: new editions of the coin challenge of fraud Said financial expert, the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that “the basic functions and routines of the monetary authority (central bank) is issuing cash, and is one of its functions and therefore supervision and follow-up and ensure the efficiency of” managing the currency, “so he decided to issue a new generation (of the same coin returned from the cost effective Other) from Iraqi currency and a world-class, especially after the passage of 10 years to replace it. ”  LINK Frank26:   If I say Excellent one more time I am declaring the RV as official !!!…. ************ walkongstick : The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: new editions of the coin challenge of fraud Khandan – said financial expert, the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that “the basic functions and routines of the monetary authority (central bank) is issuing cash, and is one of its functions and therefore supervision and follow-up and ensure the efficiency of” managing the currency, “so he decided to issue a new generation (of the same coin returned from the cost effective Other ) from the Iraqi currency and a world-class, especially after the passage of 10 years to replace it.   LINK Frank26:  Ahhhhh?……….. Hmmm ……. How do I get away with this one? Wow……..Hey Mater …….. This one real gooder too !!! ************************** GET: Topic: Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam ************************ TNT: Spein: International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde: huge government and bank debts risk new financial Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde issued a warning to world leaders on Thursday that they need to do more to deal with huge government and bank debts that continue to drag on growth and undermine the stability of the financial system. Ahead of a set-piece address at the organisation’s spring conference in Washington, Lagarde said leaders need to co-operate in their efforts to repair government and bank finances to protect against a repeat of the 2008 crash. Lagarde also vented her frustration at persistent delays to the IMF’s own reform programme, which was agreed in 2010 to increase representation from developing nations but has yet to be implemented. She described the delay as “utterly disappointing” and pledged to press ahead “to ensure the continued legitimacy, relevance, financial strength, and effectiveness of the Fund”. The warnings against complacency echoed a report earlier in the week by the IMF that chastised Brussels for failing to put in place a financial lifeboat capable of rescuing more than a few small banks. The financial stability report also highlighted concerns at the rise of risky investments in the US and difficulties faced by emerging economies destabilised by huge outflows of funds. Low inflation in the eurozone was also a concern, especially as it could herald a downward spiral of low growth and declining real wages, feeding on each other. She said: “Creating a more dynamic, job-rich global economy remains our collective goal. For this, policymakers should manage the recovery more actively and reinforce their co-operation to minimise negative spillovers and promote financial stability.” The IMF wants to encourage policymakers in Europe, the US and Japan to consider deeper reforms to their labour markets and regulations that restrict trade. The broadly free-market agenda is designed to open up markets, spur growth and generate jobs. Lagarde said: “Overall, global growth is projected to improve further in 2014 and 2015, although remaining below past trends. The costs of continued sluggish growth are clear – there will only be modest income gains and gradual reductions in unemployment.” While the UK and the US have forced their banks to bolster bank balance sheets and put in place mechanisms to deal with institutions that fail, the eurozone is lagging. She said: “In the euro area, a common fiscal backstop remains missing. While several banks have improved their capital ratios, including through raising fresh equity, balance sheet repair remains incomplete and fragmentation persists.” ************ KBoom:  Thanks for the post. I can pick out several ‘signals’ that may be applicable to our RV! OK – let ‘er rip! ************ Get1Later:  We’ll it sounds like the RV / GCR will definitely Benefit the World Economy….. So WHY ARE THEY STILL WAITING to Pull The Trigger!!! ************ [freeway2] She said that Countries are in bad shape, but we will fix them. I thought that was interesting considering what we know is going to happen. [waitinandhopin] freeway2 well unless they truly are smoke screening they could take years to levelize the world’s economies [Sallypuff]  owaitinandhopin – She followed the plan. Said enough so later it can be said we were informed of what is going on. It is covering the butt for those who will say why wern’t we told about the Dinars and other currencies being revalued. [freeway2] Sallypuff Exactly. [walter-bs] Sallypuff I missed it, what phrase did she use? [Sallypuff] walter-bs – I didn’t take any notes. In essence she said we should not do finger pointing, don’t do the blame game, I believe she stated there has to be a level playing field. She was purposely vague. She knows how to measure her words. I am sure here comments will be repeated somewhere today. [walter-bs] the only thing I heard CL say today on bloomberg was US needs to do more [Rocco] walter-bs …….I heard CL say at the IMF meeting ” Rebalancing is happening at the moment” [walter-bs] Rocco ooohhh good one…. me like it [walter-bs] yeppers…. I think I hear bank doors opening right now grin [shane] CL is back on at 2:00

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Late Wednesday Night Jester Chat 4-9-14

[Americana] [Goose] Jester Do you think the Government is still trying to screw us out of the rv you know all of us that are not supposed to have Dinar [Goose] Jester do you think our government is still trying to cheat us out of rv [Jester] Americana NOPE… I DO NOT… REFER TO THE REASON THAT I THINK YOU GUYS HAVE DINAR AT ALL… [Jester] WE TALKED ABOUT THAT A FEW WEEKS BACK… SOOOOOO… DO YOU REMEMBER THE HISTORY LESSON? [Pilgrim] 11303 [Jester] Pilgrim POO…. HAVE YOU READ IT AT ALL? IT IS ABOUT LEIN RIGHTS AND LIMITATIONS FOR CONTRACTORS… I DO NO KNOW WHO CAME UP WITH THAT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR RIGHT TO DINAR BUT THEY NEED A TIN HAT… [Pilgrim] Jester ok, grabbing my tin hat right now!!!!! [Jester] OK… THE CLIFF NOTES FROM THE HISTORY LESSON… I WILL SPARE THE PREAMBLE FROM THE PREVIOUS WARS… ….
[Jester] THE FACT IS WHEN A COUNTRY GOES TO WAR THEY HAVE A PLAN… [Jester] THE PLAN IS TO DEVALUE THE CURRENCY TO OBLIVION SO THEY CANNOT USE IT TO FUND THEIR SIDE OF THE WAR… [Jester] THEN THEY PRINT A WHOLE BUNCH OF IT AND PUT IT IN THE COFFERS OF THE INVADERS SO THAT WHEN THE WAR IS OVER AND THERECONSTRUCTION STARTS THEY WILL REVALUE AND GET PAID BACK WHAT THEY SPENT ON THE INVASION… SIMPLE RIGHT? [Jester] IN THIS CASE OUR GOVERNMENT IS BROKE.. EVEN AT THE DEVALUED RATE BROKE I BROKE… THEY CANNOT AFFORD IT… SO WHAT HAPPENS? [Jester] THINK ABOUT IT… WHERE DOES THE MONEY YOU PAY FOR DINAR GO? [Goose] To ust [Jester] THEY SET UP A VENUE FOR ALLOWING THE PUBLIC TO FUND THE RECONSTRUCTION BECAUSE THE MONEY YOU PAY GOES BACK TO IRAQ TO BU MORE… [msgwen] to the Central Bank of Iraq [Jester] msgwen BOOM! [Jester] NORMALLY THIS IS DONE BY INVESTORS IN THE PLATFORMS BUT IN THIS CASE… IT WAS DONE BY YOU… WE ARE THE INVESTORS… [Pilgrim] WELL THEN, I’M FEELING PRETTY GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. I’M HELPING IRAQ REBUILD. [msgwen] usually this would be done by big time investors and Banks [Jester] Pilgrim SWEET!…. msgwen EXACTLY… [Jester] OK… BACK TO THE STORY… PAY ATTENTION AND I WILL BOOT THE INTERLOPERS FROM NOW ON… HAHAHAHAH [Jester] SO… NOW WE ARE SITTING HERE.. HAVING INVESTED… THEY COULD MESS US AROUND AND LEAVE US OUT… DO NOT BE CONFUSED ON THAT ISSUE… [Jester] BUT THEY WILL NOT.. BECAUSE THE DINAR IS WORTH SOMETHING… SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SOME… ENTER THE OIL CREDITS… AND A WAY TO CAPITALIZE ON SEVERAL FRONTS WITH THE CONVERSION OF DINAR TO OIL CREDITS… [Jester] SOOOOO…. LOOK AT THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR SOCK DRAWER.. [Jester] VALUABLE IF IT CAN BE CONVERTED TO OIL CREDITS… [Goose] Jester does the US want the credits or will China still go after them [Jester] WE HAVE THE DINAR IN THE USA…. CHINA NEEDS OIL… HMMMMM [Pilgrim] so the UST has some leverage with China [Jester] Pilgrim ACTUALLY THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE… [Pilgrim] hummmm [Jester] SAY WHAT? CHINA HAS LEVERGE OVER THE UST? [Jester] CHINA HAS A LOT OF OUR TREASURY BONDS… A LOT OF OUR DEBT… HMMMM… [Goose] China own the ust haha [dudenocoins] Jester – China and Russia are moving forward with thier currencies away from the dollar on the international scene. It appears that there are either posing a threat to the US to get something or are going ahead without the US – to remove the USD from the scene…. [Jester] SOOOOOOO…. YOU THINK A DEAL MIGHT BE MADE…????? [Pilgrim] yes [msgwen] absolutely! [Goose] Jester can you tell us the hold up? [Jester] CHINA GETS WHAT THEY LIKE… THE US GETS WHAT THEY LIKE… WE GET WHAT WE LIKE… HMMMM… SEEING ANYTHING LIKE A VERY COMPLICATED PROBLEM REDUCED TO A SIMPLE ANSWER? [Betsy Ross] win – win – win [Jester] I COULD HAVE WRITTEN A LONG DRAWN OUT DISSERTATION ON THIS AND BEEN PUT ON RECAPS… BUT IS REALLY NOT SO COMPLICATED IF REDUCED TO THE BARE ESSENTIALS… [downunder] Jester Is the opening of the St Germain Trust 10 days prior to Easter a key piece of the jigaw?? [Jester] downunder UMMMM… LET ME GET YOU A TIN HAT… PATIENCE? CAN YOU HELP? [Patience] Jester 🙂 SURE ^^^^^^ PICK A SIZE LOL [jbmeans] and Jester every time you go through it, it becomes easier to understand and share with others – ty [Jester] jbmeans HOPEFULLY IT IS STARTING TO MAKE SENSE… [Goose] Jester so do think the good guys are holding things up or the bad guys? [Jester] IT IS A LITTLE MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT BUT THE SIMPLE RESULT IS THE US GET DEBT RELEASED… CHINA GETS SOME CHEAP OIL.. WE GET A BAZILLION BUCKS… AND IRAQ SMILES BECAUSE UNDER THIS SCENARIO THEY GET RID OF A BAZILLION DINAR FOR CHEAP BECAUSE THEY SUPPLY THE OIL FOR PENNIES…. [ModelWoman] Jester A few of us in here last night decided we where missing the right question to ask you…..can you tell us what that question is… we can ask you? Lol [Jester] ModelWoman WELL… YOU WILL HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK TO GET THE BEST OF ME ON THAT ONE… HAHHAAHAH [Goose] So then what the heck is the hold up if everyone is going to be happy? [Jester] Goose NOT A BAD QUESTION… ASK YOURSELF WHO DOES NOT LIKE FOR EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY AND YOU WILL START TO UNDERSTAND… [Goose] Cabal [Jester] THERE YA GO… IF EVERYONE IS HAPPY THEN SOMEONE IS NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY… HAHHAHAHA [dudenocoins] Jester Are you ready to reveal the linchpin? [jbmeans] Jester, how about our own “us” corporation – very selfish [Goose] But why can’t the good guys just kick their a— and get on with it [Jester] Goose BECAUSE YOU THINK IT IS ABOUT YOU… AND IT IS NOT… THEY COULD CARE LESS WHAT YOUR ISSUE IS… [Betsy Ross] we are just an ant to them [dudenocoins] Goose They want to maintain control over the gov. and the serfs… [Jester] Goose BIG JOB… THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM… AND IT IS TAKING SOME TIME… [ModelWoman] Jester You said to watch Deutsche Bank sounds like they maynot be to H.A.P.P.Y. in this link The other three links I posted last night: [Jester] ModelWoman I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE HAD THOSE AN HOUR AGO BUT NOW WE ARE ALMOST OUT OF TIME… [Jester] NIGHT NIGHT EVERYONE… HOPE YOU HAVE GREAT TOMORROW….

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