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The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) EXPOSED

( This is maddening !!!  See them for what they are, through their actions…  these are folks who were there…  /dt ) Martin D Metdubbelss
Published on Jan 18, 2017

stop enlisting… your more than a body on boots !

Sometimes the truth must be suppressed in order to protect the status quo. Like us

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DNC Election Fraud Lawyers: All Of Our Witnesses Are Being Murdered

( What goes on in DC is beyond disgusting IMHO…  Please drain the swamp, Mr. POTUS…  Please !!  /dt )

June 27, 2017

Lawyers involved in a lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the 2016 presidential election claim that witnesses due testify against the Democratic party are being murdered. 

According to attorney Elizabeth Beck, the legal team representing plaintiffs suing the Democratic National Committee now fear for their lives in the wake of the murder of DNC whistleblower Seth Rich. reports: “We filed the motion because we do feel that not only us, but our staff and the plaintiffs, are deserving of a motion,” attorney Elizabeth Beck, who is litigating the case, told WND. “But our court system does not have the resources to do so.”

She continued: “The court, in denying our motion for protection, stated in its order that the federal Marshals Service doesn’t have enough resources to devote that amount of protection.”

A trove of DNC emails made public by WikiLeaks throughout the 2016 presidential election revealed top DNC officials privately conspiring to undermine candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign, ultimately resulting in Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigning from her post as DNC chairwoman in July 2016.

Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee Beck filed a class-action lawsuit against Wasserman-Schulz and the Democratic National Committee last summer, charging that the DNC committed “fraud” in favoring Clinton over Sanders during the Democratic Party primaries. The Becks are seeking damages for Democratic Party donors and voters. They’re demanding the party repay individuals and Sanders supporters who were duped by the party’s 2016 primary and alleging misappropriation of funds.

‘2 potential witnesses in my case … both died’

On June 13, the Becks filed the motion for order of protection in the U.S. District Court in Florida. They asked Judge Zloch to provide court protection to the plaintiffs, their counsel and their families, as well as all of the witnesses in the DNC fraud lawsuit.

In support of the motion, they cited the unusual deaths of Seth Rich, DNC lawsuit process server Shawn Lucas and and the late Miami federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant. (It’s unclear what roles, if any at all, Rich or Whisenant have played in the DNC case.) Beck also cited threats and bizarre phone calls the plaintiffs and counsel say they’ve received.

Rich, 27, was a DNC voter expansion data director for two years and had accepted a position with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He was murdered in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016, near his apartment in an affluent neighborhood. Rich was shot twice in the back, and his wallet, credit cards, watch and phone were left in his possession. The Metropolitan Police Department has described it as a “botched robbery.”

Private investigators, however, have claimed there is evidence Rich was the source WikiLeaks used to obtain thousands of DNC emails released on the eve of the party’s presidential nominating convention last July. The emails, indicating the party was manipulating the primary race in favor of Clinton, led to Wasserman Schultz’s resignation.

“We believe Mr. Rich might have been a potential witness in this case,” Jared Beck said in a video announcing the protection request.

Jared Beck also tweeted on May 29: “If #DNCFraudLawsuit proceeds, DNC employee Seth Rich would’ve been potential witness. One reason why I’m so concerned what happened to him.”

If proceeds, DNC employee Seth Rich would’ve been potential witness. One reason why I’m so concerned what happened to him.

Less than a month after Rich was murdered, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, was found dead in his bathroom. Lucas served the DNC with the lawsuit in early July 2016. According to Heavy, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of Washington, D.C., said in November 2016 that Lucas’ Aug. 2 death was accidental and was caused by the “combined adverse effects of fentanyl [a synthetic opioid pain medication], cyclobenzaprine [a muscle relaxant], and mitragynine [better known as kraton].”

Rich and Lucas are both on WND’s list of 33 people associated with the Clintons who have died mysterious and often violent deaths.

Beranton Whisenant Jr., 38, was a federal prosecutor who handled mostly immigration-related cases. He was found dead last month in Hollywood, Florida, which is in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district. Police say he might have died as a result of a possible gunshot wound to the head or other type of trauma.

Beck refused to speculate on whether any of the deaths might have been politically motivated murders, but she said the timing is suspicious.

“Rich [was] a potential witness in my case,” she said. “All I’m saying is, two potential witnesses in my case – Shawn Lucas was my process server – they both died. Why they died, how they died, I don’t know. Mr. Lucas was about to provide evidence to the court in this case, on service of process, when he very, very suddenly passed away.

“Seth Rich, he was an employee of the DNC, and he was murdered. Nothing was taken from him. They first said it was a botched robbery, but nothing was taken from him. You can ask anybody that grew up in a large urban area – I’ve gotten robbed – they usually take something.”

‘Freaky’ calls, harassment and tampering

Meanwhile, Beck and her employees have been receiving “freaky” calls, she told WND.

“My co-counsel, Collin O’Brian – all the time he’s been getting emails and phone calls from anonymous people causing a lot of stress on him and his family,” she said. “Anonymous people are calling up Collin, talking about Mr. Whisenant. It’s not a call for information, it’s very freaky. These callers sound angry, ranting, talking about how they don’t like lawyers, and they mention Beranton Whisenant.”

One of the plaintiffs, Angela Monson, claims in an affidavit to have awakened to her porch door open and both of her computers had been moved and showed evidence of tampering.

Beck said one of her staffers received a strange visit from an individual who asked for her by name. The person left some Democratic Party campaign literature for her, despite the fact that she is not a Democrat and there are no elections currently taking place in Florida.

“Because of those instances, we felt it was incumbent on us to bring this to the court’s attention,” Beck said.

On June 1, the Becks filed a motion in court claiming they received a voice-modulated phone call from a number matching Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ office.

“We get this call about two weeks ago. I don’t know who it was; they were using a voice changing technology,” Beck told WND. “The person who answered the call couldn’t even tell if the person was a man or a woman. They were trying to find out information about the lawsuit.

“This number came up. I took a screenshot of it. I filed it in court. If you Google the number, the number is to defendant Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s local Aventura office.”

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Hollywood Insider: Bill Cosby Was Framed By Elite To Stop Him Buying NBC

June 14, 2017

Hollywood insider has come forward alleging that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations in order to prevent him from buying TV network NBC.

Cosby, known as “America’s Dad”, is standing trial for aggravated sexual assault in Pittsburgh, and has responded to allegations that he drugged and sexually abused women with fierce denials.

The Hollywood insider says that Bill Cosby became such a threat to the establishment elite that they had to invent the vilest of accusations against him in order to destroy his career.

The accusers are women who have worked with the Illuminati in the past and were paid to state they are victims of rape. Only one of Cosby’s accusers leveled accusations against him within the statute of limitations (twelve years), and the others, according to the Hollywood insider, are opportunists who have been paid off to smear Cosby’s reputation and destroy his career.

Although the legal system will not allow the other women to take criminal action against Cosby, they do have the option of seeking further financial reward by suing him in civil court.

The spewers of this hate are all fabricators. Moreover, without exception they are suppose “victims” of Bill Cosby. Moreover, what extreme hate they are spewing, all under the guise of righteous indignation, all under the protection of the Illuminati who already control a large portion of the global media from the music industry to television.

It should be noted that Whoopi Goldberg has defended Mr. Cosby, asking for hard evidence of the claims. Few if any others have done so, upholding the false witnesses or at least showing sympathy, tolerating their claims.

All these so called “victims are paid large amounts of money to make this wild and outrageous claims about Bill Cosby” say the Hollywood insider. But why? And why make these allegations now? The star says Bill Cosby, NBC’s biggest star of the 80’s, was trying to buy the television network from its current owner, the General Electric Company.

Norman Brokaw, the chief executive of the William Morris Agency and Mr. Cosby’s personal agent for 30 years, confirmed that he had discussed Cosby’s intention to make an offer for NBC with Robert C. Wright, the network’s president. Illuminati leaders who control NBC would lose control of the television company if Bill Cosby purchased it and the only way to stop the purchase was to ruin Bill Cosby.

They concocted the fake rape allegations.

With no hard evidence the Illuminati had succeeded in destroying Bill Cosby’s image. One of the original accusers, a Wilhelmina Model, has since admitted that she was paid to destroy Bill’s reputation.


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The Crypto Pullback (Bix Weir)

Published on Jun 27, 2017

In today’s news Bix talks about the crypto currency pullback after a huge run-up in the first half of 2017. This is good. This is healthy. This is how thinly traded FREE MARKETS work! If you are a trader you are loving this. If you are an investor you would have waited it out anyways. If you are a Newbie your are being presented a GIFT so load up!

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The Battle Between The Empire Deep State & The Pilgrims Is Being Waged In The US:Cynthia McKinney

( This is an education from someone who’s been in the inner depths…  I recommend this one for everyone you know…  I have utmost respect for this patriot…  /dt ) X22Report Spotlight
Published on Jun 21, 2017

Today’s Guest: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Websites: Congresswoman McKinney Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report and they are used as a representation of the subject matter. The representative artwork included with these videos shall not be construed as the actual events that are taking place.

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