Benjamin Fulford – 5/19/2014

Shouting matches every day in the White House as US corporate government implosion continues

These are not happy times for the internationally isolated bankrupt pariah Nazi/Zionist government in Washington D.C. There are now daily shouting matches inside the White House between various cabal bosses arguing about what to do and who to blame, according to CIA sources. The hardline faction of Nazi cabalists led by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, is planning new mass murder attacks, including a massive takedown of the US electric grid, the sources say. The cornered Nazis sent this message to the White Dragon Society last week: “The UN does not want peace, nor does the IMF or the US.” To underline this, they staged new provocations in Nigeria and Vietnam (see below for more detail) to add to their murderous trouble-making in the Ukraine and Syria. They were told “if they go along with the White Dragon, we will take care of them of and if they refuse, we will take care of them.” So far, no further communication has been received. Increasingly embattled President Obama, for his part, is now making claims that he is the “Twelfth Mahdi,” i.e. the “ultimate savior of humankind,” they said. In the meantime, President Vladimir Putin of Russia visits China this week to cement some very serious deals that, based on the announced numbers ($200 billion in bilateral trade per year by 2020) are worth about what Russia now exports to the European Union. This is a way of saying “we can live without EU if we have to.” This would also make China 5 times more important to Russian trade than the US. The other huge event last week was the replacement of the cabal controlled government of India with a government headed by Narendra Modi, a man who is banned from traveling to the US. The end of the cabal aligned Ghandi/Nehru dynastic control of India is going to give a huge boost to the BRICS alliance plans to end Nazi tyranny. So much for the Nazi plan to use India against China. In these circumstances, last week US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew visited China while Israel’s Netanyahu visited Japan as part of an effort by the cabal to raise money to prevent the bankruptcy of the US corporate government. Netanyahu’s visit to Japan was an attempt to convince the Abe slave government to go along with his hard core faction’s ongoing plans to start World War III. Abe obliged with an attempt to pass a law that would allow the Japanese military to participate in “collective self-defense,” or, to put it more accurately, participate in cabal wars of aggression. In the end though, Netanyahu was forced to cut short his visit by one day and leave Japan with his tail between his legs. A senior Japanese right wing boss predicted last week that Abe would be “killed soon” because of his treasonous activities. The visit by Netanyahu also coincided with major anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam. Since the Zionists have been caught red-handed paying hoodlums to riot against Japanese interests in China while simultaneously paying Japanese activists to protest against China, it is a good guess the Vietnamese protests were financed by same Zionist provocateurs. With the situation in the Ukraine and Syria having blown up in the Nazi/Zionist’s faces, in addition to Vietnam, they are now threatening to attack Nigeria. That is why you see the big manufactured incident of “school girls kidnapped,” by “Boko Haram,” being hyped in the Zionist propaganda. This is to create a cover story for seizing Nigerian oil fields. Message to Netanyahu and his fellow hardline cabalists: give up, it is over, surrender while you still can. Message to the Jewish people: it will be an eternal source of shame to your people that you allowed such a murderous Nazi psychopath to become your leader. Get rid of him. US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and US agency types had a more money-centered approach, according to Chinese government sources. In order to get more money to keep the US corporate government going, they offered China the chance to buy large chunks of Japan, including some major media corporations and much of the real estate in Fukushima, they said. The Chinese will get into the power generation business in Fukushima, the sources said. There was also confirmation from China of something that I have read about and heard about for a long time but was unable to fully accept, and that is the existence of railways capable of travelling 2900 kilometers per hour, or enough to get you from New York or London to Tokyo in three hours. The blogger who goes by the name of Cobra told this writer he had once travelled from New York to London in an hour using an underground hypersonic train. Other sources have told me about a whole underground network of such hypersonic trains inside the US. Apparently it is real. The trick is to create a tunnel with a near vacuum in order to stop air-resistance. “It now seems the pentagon was able to get money from China by selling them this technology. That seems to be why China has suddenly announced plans to link China to the US and Europe with super-fast trains. Building an international network of hypersonic trains linking the world would create all sorts of new jobs and opportunities and is exactly the sort of win-win approach favoured by the Chinese. It also fits in with proposals put on the table by Leo Wanta and his backers. Since, according to the American Academy of Sciences, the Pentagon has made over 6000 patents secret for “national security reasons,” it is a pretty good guess many more of these technologies will be made available to the general public over the coming years. The big question, of course, is if there is free energy technology ready to be introduced. Last week this writer met with the group based in Taiwan and Southern Japan that is trying to build a free energy device based on plans created by Nicola Tesla. So far, there have been a few technical problems, such as power surges and problems with insulation, that prevent commercialization, they reported. Source:

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MASSIVE Group Marching On Washington To Remove Obama

There’s no question that the people of America are growing increasingly upset with the blatant disregard for our constitution and there’s a group that’s planning to do something about it.

Operation American Spring is a group of self-described revolutionary-style patriots with over a million mobilized militia members on the way to Washington D.C. this week with a simple, but very clear message to the tyrants in office; Get out.

Their goal is to oust those who have disregarded our nation’s laws and worked against the will of the people, like Obama, Boehner, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Biden. They’re not discriminating against either Democrats or Republicans and their only litmus test is whether or not lawmakers have adhered to our constitutional principles.


The leader of the group, Ret. Army Col. Harry Riley, said “We are calling for [their] removal … as a start toward constitutional restoration.”

“They have all abandoned the U.S. Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”

Their stated goal is to be able to influence the politicians who they are not targeting to “sponsor and pass very constitutionally crafted state legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. government by two-thirds,” according to reports.

The group’s website states that their mission is the “Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.”

On Friday the group will arrive in Washington and they expect between 10 million and 30 million like-minded Americans to join them in protest.

Riley said he’s hoping for a peaceful demonstration but noted that peaceful protests haven’t exactly been beneficial to Americans. He also said that his projections of 10-30 million demonstrators aren’t a “pie in the sky” idea, as he’s already been able to confirm over a million militia members have mobilized to head to D.C.

“For more than five years, ‘we the people’ have been writing, calling, faxing Congress, the media , screaming in town halls, marching, rallying, demonstrating, petitioning, all to no avail,” he said. Every branch of government looks at ‘we the people’ whom they have taken an oath to serve, as ‘pests,’ interfering with their political agenda, cramping their self-serving, greedy agendas. We have no faith in the ballot box any longer, as many believe this sacred secret box has been compromised.”

Are you going to be joining Riley and the rest of the patriots marching? Let us know with a comment!

H/T: Mr. Conservative


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Report: 100 Veteran Deaths Linked to ‘Delay in Treatment’ at VA Hospitals

Sunday, 18 May 2014 12:33 PM

By Greg Richter

Read Latest Breaking News from As the Department of Veterans Affairs faces an increasing amount of scrutiny over allegations of “secret” waiting lists that left veterans at VA hospitals untreated for months, a new report shows that the VA settled several claims that appear related to treatment delays.
The Dayton Daily News, in a story published Sunday, says its investigation of a database of paid claims shows that since 2001 the words “delay in treatment” were used 167 times. The VA paid out $36.4 million to settle the claims, the Daily News reported.

In one case the newspaper found the Dayton VA paid out $140,000 in 2009 on a 2006 claim described as “Failure/Delay in Admission to Hospital or Institution; Medication Administered via Wrong Route; Failure to Order Appropriate Test.”

On Sunday, the deputy director of the VFW Nation Veterans Service told Fox News that there needs to be “swift accountability” regarding reports of treatment delays at veterans’ hospitals across the country.

“The families of these veterans need justice and they need it quickly,” Ryan Gallucci said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Also, the White House chief of staff said that President Barack Obama is “madder than hell” about the reports of treatment delays at veterans’ hospitals around the nation.

Denis McDonough told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Obama is demanding that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and others in the administration “continue to fix these things until they’re functioning the way that our veterans believe they should.”

Dayton VA spokesman Ted Froats told the paper he is unaware of any deaths at the Dayton VA Medical Center related to delayed care. But the paper reported that one pending case was filed by a man who says his wife’s 2012 death was caused by failure of the VA to diagnose her cervical cancer.

More than 100 payments a year are made on claims that veterans died as a result of VA medical care, the Daily News and WSB-TV in Atlanta reported.

So far, the VA has admitted that 23 veterans have died waiting for care, but the Daily News said that number could be closer to 1,100 from 2001 through 2013, according to records it obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

A statement from the Dayton VA read: “Unlike many private hospitals, in the rare instance where a situation has interfered in a patient’s medical care, we sit down with the veteran to discuss what happened and notify the veteran of his or her right to file a tort claim.”

The secret waiting lists first came to light when a whistleblower reported that staff at the Phoenix, Arizona VA hospital were keeping names on a paper list, then transferring them into a computer once the veterans could be seen within 14 days. The VA’s goal is to see veterans within 14 days of their initial contact to make an appointment, but veterans and their families in Phoenix report waiting weeks and months to see a doctor.

Some have died while waiting, though in some cases it is unclear whether their deaths were directly related to not seeing a doctor within the 14-day period.

A U.S. Government Accountability Office review released in December 2012 showed that the Dayton VA hospital and others in Montana, California and Washington, D.C., found scheduling errors in every hospital, the Daily News reported. 

“During our site visits, staff at some clinics told us they change medical appointment desired dates to show clinic wait times within VA’s performance goals,” the review said.

Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio, who is both a veteran and a doctor, told the paper that the VA has a different mindset than private hospitals. Private hospitals can do 10 colonoscopies in the time a VA hospital does three, he said.

Retired Air Force Reserve Colonel Shirley Ribak, told the paper that top administrators set up well-intended goals, then offer incentives to meet those goals that encourage gaming of the system.

The VA payouts were not out of line with private hospitals, the newspaper noted, but still came at a time when performance bonuses, pay raises and transfers for employees were taking place. Some of those benefits were given to people who were in charge when the failures occurred.

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki testified last week he is “mad as hell” over the incident, but calls for his resignation have continued. 

The American Legion’s Dan Dellinger told “Face the Nation” on Sunday that President Barack Obama needs to address the issue personally.

“One death is tragic, but when you hide it, that’s unforgiveable.”
Read Latest Breaking News from

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Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-manipulation Tool

Catherine J. Frompovich  
The most damning aspersion that can be lobbed against any person, or the exposure of “secret government activity,” overwhelmingly is “Conspiracy Theorist.” That pejorative ‘handle’ is equated with imbecile mind-activity with aspersions often suggested as ‘tin hat wearers’. Well, step aside all you doubters and listen up carefully to what took place in the halls of Congress on May 14, 2014 regarding the weather modification system known as HAARP. In the YouTube below Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) asks some pointed questions about HAARP. However, readers may not be surprised at the answers, but the mainstream media ought to be wiping oodles of egg yolk from its collective face. Source:

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Poofness – “Gold in Them Hills” Sunday 5-18-14

Part  1

Greetings and Salutations: Poof Said: The whole shooting match is about to enter into a shout-down. And the goods are coming through and the guns are loaded and the powder has been kept dry and the needs of the people are well known. We are at the finish line about as close as one can get — it takes time to move the rest of the chess pieces around. What is new is that many of the cracks in the system have been filled in and the doors that were ajar are now closing and the need for transparency is growing plus the need for truth is manifesting new modes for gaining that input. In spite of what you may be reading the system that has been patiently put into place is growing in strength and the would-be stealers are being rounded up and known to those who can do something about it. You are getting much closer to an end rally and a day of handing off the keys to the opening of the Cosmic Bank. …. The folks behind the system are growing in numbers and the wherewithal to make this happen is gaining momentum. The system has been in reconstruction for some time now and the nice guys are making progress so that anything could be happening at any time. Very pleasant to behold. Hold on and hang tight. The news for now is that the loosening of the grip that the cabal had on the whole world has been shaken loose and the shifting with changes are well underway. This has been said many times before. Just know that the events you have been waiting for are so close it is hard to see what is in front of you. Rest assured that nothing has changed; all that has to be done to move the mission to completion is this being done. -P- Friday May 23rd marks Poof’s one year passing ,or as I like to reference it his “1st Birthday” in his new dimensional shift of the crossing of the veil. It’s been an amazingly hard fought year of physical, emotional and financial challenges peppered with a huge dose of enlightenment for me personally. As you all have grown use to this portion of the newsletter where you are ask to contribute (small or larger) to assist us in keeping you updated on the progress of our long awaited changes… I ask all that are reading this newsletter today to not only contribute, but to send an offering along with Love, thanks and appreciation to Poof on Friday. I know personally that he is still very active in assisting in the changes to improve humanity. He will receive your blessings with joy and appreciation as he continues on his soul journey and his continual support of our Humanity. With much love and gratitude, Susan [email protected]…if you have a problem please contact me at [email protected]….Consultations available. ZAP SAYS; HI ALL IT IS INTERESTING TO SEE THE SCURRY OF RATS AS THEY ABANDON A SINKING SHIP. IN THIS CASE, IT APPEARS THAT THE ARRESTS HAVE BEGUN, AND THE RATS ARE RATTING EACH OTHER OUT. VERY RAT OF THEM. WE HAVE LONG KNOWN THAT PUTIN HAS WARRANTS OUT FOR CERTAIN SHRUB GANG MEMBERS, BUT THESE WARRANTS ARE COMING OUT WITH NAMES LIKE ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILD, ETC. ON MAY 15, 2014, THERE WAS A TREMENDOUS FLURRY OF ACTIVITY ON FOREX, THE LIKES OF WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN SEEN, AND ONE TRADER REPORTED THAT OVER 350,000 TRADES WERE DONE IN THE MORNING, AND THAT THE WORLD HAD CHANGED. THE DINAR WAS REPORTED TO HAVE HIT ABOUT $17 ON THE HIGH AND ABOUT $10 ON THE LOW. I DO NOT DO CURRENCY SO THIS IS OF LITTLE INTEREST TO ME, BUT IF SOME OTHERS COULD DO SOME DIGGING TO VERIFY THIS, I WOULD BE GRATEFUL. I DO KNOW AND CAN VERIFY THAT SOME MAJOR TRANSACTIONS ARE TAKING PLACE IN THE BANKING AND BOND WORLD, AND WE WILL DEFINITELY BEGIN THE PROJECT SIDE STARTING IN JUNE. SO I AM HAPPY TO KNOW JUST THAT. THE AMOUNT OF “BLACK OR WHITE” INFORMATION DIGGERS AND CRITICS ARE MANY, BUT FEW SEE THE FLUIDITY OF THE PROCESSES THAT ARE AT WORK BEHIND. SO WE HAVE THOSE THAT POINT FINGERS WHEN INFORMATION IS NOT AS GIVEN, OR IT CHANGES, OR IT IS NOT TO THEIR VIEW OF THE WORLD. He has endorsed Mt. Goat. and we have long thought she was clueless. Now she is saying basically “Back to square 1” KK SURE I HAVE SAID SHE IS BANG ON THE MONEY, AND SAID SO MANY TIMES. SE GETS CORRECT INFORMATION, AND EXTRAPOLATING THIS INFORMATION IS NOT A DIFFICULT STRETCH. IF IT IS BACK TO SQUARE 1, THEN SO IT MAY BE. I DO NOT KNOW RIGHT NOW AS I DO NOT HAVE MY INFORMATION UNTIL TOMORROW. I DO KNOW THAT THE QUEEN SENT OUT SOME OF HER TOP GUYS TO RENO TO MEET WITH SOME OTHER TOP GUYS AND HAVE TALKS. THE RESULTS OF THESE TALKS MAY WELL BE EITHER THE ANNOUNCEMENT, OR THE DELAY. NO IDEA YET. Today’s News This new timeline once again is another stalling tactic. While the rest of the world sits and waits in dire need of these revalue currencies these fat cats sit and feast on this backside making billions each time this process is stalled. They find any justification to legally extend out the timeline. They did not honor past renegotiated timelines and will not honor this new timeline either as usual and will continue to stall the process indefinitely. This is of course all very ridiculous and just a scam being perpetrated not just on the American people but on the rest the world .It is not supported by the IMF and one could list out hundreds of laws being broken both national and international Summary There is a global economic disaster glooming on the horizon if nothing is done. It is time for the people (you and me) to take action to expose this openly to the rest of the world since this is now the only course of action that may have any results. We do not see any honorable politicians or members of the government sticking their necks out to make waves in this situation. SO, WHAT ELSE IS NEW. EVERY TIME THERE IS A DELAY, THEY MAKE BILLIONS AS THE GOAT SAYS. BUT, THERE SEEMS TO BE A GROWING MOVEMENT OF GREAT DISSATISFACTION, AND FORCES ARE AT WORK TO RELEASE THE RV, OR RELEASE THE INFORMATION THAT MAY PRECIPITATE GREAT CHANGES. I AM SURE SOME OF THESE CHANGES WOULD BE VIOLENT. Those currency holders reading this new letter do not need to feel helpless. There are still many good and honest people fighting for you each and every day to bring this process to a conclusion but maybe not enough. But now is the time for you also to step in and begin to help them. We must expose this bad US policy and the corruption they are allowing resulting from this policy. . You can either be part of the ongoing problem or you can be part of the solution. It is now your choice. You can respond to this new letter with sarcasm and ignorance or you can take action now and make a difference. We are all in this situation together. We all have common goals: 1. full honesty and transparency in the dealings with the IQD revaluation and global reset process. 2. a speedy resolution to any deadlocks in the global reset process (not of course jeopardizing national security) So why can’t all dinar holders work together to expose these corrupt practices we are now witnessing and bring the culprits to justice. We can! I am now calling for everyone reading this news letter to email, write, Facebook or tweet this issue to the world and make it known just what is now going on. You must now take this matter into your own hands since we have been given the run around long enough and no one seems to make a difference or care about the real issues. Are we now taking this action out of frustration? Yes – of course since we have watched, waited and stood by the sideline long enough in this process. We know the rates are now at the banks. So why can other politicians and private clients be allowed to exchange but yet here we wait almost 5 months later and still nothing? There just seems to be no justice, honesty and transparency in this RV process. The perpetrators know who they are. They listen to the intel calls and read these newsletters. They know that their inevitable demise is going to happen. We can begin this process of bringing transparency by contacting your US district attorneys office and filing an official complaint. These justices are legally obligated to begin investigations of all allegations of corrupt practices by government officials. HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia….e_United_States” http://en.wikipedia….e_United_States Here is some possible wording you can use in your complaint- I/we come to you today as a last resort. As US citizens and global community members I/we respectfully request you to begin an investigation to rectify known global currency manipulation practices. These practices have recently been brought to our attention. Here are the points of the contention to our grievance: 1. Government officials are known to intentionally stall the rollout of revalued international exchange rates of currencies to the general public and the global financial exchanges. This practice was exposed earlier in 2013 and 2014 and has been known by these officials who control the process. No effort has been made on the part of any of these known government agencies to correct it. Exaggerated and fabricated issues as justification are adversely affecting the process of rolling out these currencies to the global money exchanges and thus general public. One of these currencies is the Iraq IQD. We are appalled at the fact that we lost 4,000+ of our soldiers plus over 150,000+ casualties to fight this war and to free the people of Iraq from a dictatorship. We are told we want to rebuild that nation with a strong, democratic capitalistic society. We only now find that this process is being greatly hampered by political and personal gain with manipulation by government officials in the USA who control the process of finally reinstating their currency to its true value. 2. Government officials and associates are conducting private exchanges of currencies using speculative rates not yet published on the open public exchanges. 3. Very large bank loans are being administered using foreign currency as collateral. The values of these currencies are unpublished, speculative rates not yet officially on currency exchanges. Illegal banking practices allowed by the Department of the United States Treasury by activating the rates of these unpublished currencies so as to allow bankers access to these rates to benefit selected clients, at selected locations for selected periods of time. These activated rates were not yet published rates on the international exchanges. Completed files from the investigations will also be released.


Part 2

As there is a ton of misinformation out there …I wonder if you and or ZAP could comment on this. Thanks,   JTHERE ARE MANY MANY BAD HOMBRES OUT THERE. JACK IS DOING HIS BEST TO GET THINGS DONE, BUT WITHOUT A CLEAR MANDATE AND DIRECTION FOR HIM TO CARRY FORWARD, RATHER THAN THE EVER PRESENT “GO STALL FOR TIME” DIRECTIVE, JACK GETS TO BE BEAT UP FOR FOLLOWING ORDERS HE MAY NOT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH.REMEMBER HE CAN NOT TAKE UNILATERAL ACTION WITHOUT BEING SHUT DOWN IN THE NEXT MINUTE. THE BOSS SITS IN SOME CORNER OFFICE AND HAS A DIRECT LINE TO THE HOUSE PAINTED WHITE. SAD. Hi Zap, I have been following your info since you started here with Susan. Regardless what the naysayers contribute to your position, for some reason, I feel you are the truth. Love & Light to you both. I’ve heard that the IQD is being traded in Canada now. Is it possible to go there and trade instead of waiting for the US to chime in? Ode to the Light! “Embody the KNOWLEDGE of all that is ” MH I HAVE NOT HEARD OF TRADES BEING DONE UP HERE, BUT IF I DO, I WILL LET SUSAN KNOW. AND THANKS FOR THAT…IT IS APPRECIATED. YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE POLARITY OF PEOPLE THAT GIVEN ONE WORD THEY DO NOT LIKE, THEY WILL TURN AND BITE. I AM NOT HERE TO BE SOME GURU AND HAVE GREAT FOLLOWINGS AND MAKE MONEY OFF WHAT I WRITE. I JUST REPORT STUFF THAT I KNOW TO BE VALID ONLY AS A SERVICE TO POOF TO HONOR HIS MEMORY BY WRITING TRUTH. Dear ZAP, Thank you the office of Poofness, your staff, and the Chinese families for all that you do for humanitarian endeavors. Would you please explain the role of the Chinese families pertaining to the international world once the GCR occurs. How will their role effect us in the United States as well as globally, financially and politically? SURE. THE CHINESE FAMILIES WERE GIVEN THE ROLE OF KEEPERS OF THE MATRIX FUNDS OF OUR HUMANITY. THIS IS QUADRILLIONS AND QUINTILLIONS. A VERY LARGE NUMBER OF ZEROS. THEIR ROLE IS TO RELEASE THESE FUNDS WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR HUMANITY. THIS RELEASE SUPPORTS THE BOND PURCHASES, THE GLOBAL RESET, THE REVALUATION OF CURRENCIES, AND MAJOR PROJECT FUNDINGS. THE FAMILY GAVE THE USA MONEY TO BEGIN ITS OPERATIONS LONG AGO. I GAVE THIS INFORMATION OUT EARLIER IN THESE WEEKLY WRITINGS, BUT TO REITERATE, HERE IS The Origin of U.S. Currencies and Bonds and Brief History 1. 1776: Independency Day of United States of America (U.S.A.) 2. 1786 (Case No: 303) Ching Dynasty made a loan to USA as the capital of “Country Development Foundation” (or Chien Kuo Foundation). The following organizations were founded for this provision: Dragon and Phoenix Butterfly Plum Others The contract was signed in 1907 (Kuang-Hsu Year 33, Ching Dynasty) in Shanghai and contract exchanged in Beijing. The face amount of the above collateral provided to the organizations is in total about 50 trillion USD divided equally between each organization with guaranteed values for 300 years. 3. 1911: ` Year of the Republic of China (ROC) (founding thereof). 1913: The accounts were audited, and a conclusion was drawn to issue new US currencies (Gold and Silver Bonds) with big face amounts as governmental debt (issued by 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Bank of Washington, a bank directly under the US Treasury). The printing was terminated in 1945. 4. 1929 (Case No. 13579) Recession in US, and the Bank of Washington went to bankruptcy. The ROC provided a loan to the USA of about 200,000 ounces of gold as collateral to issue USD 2 Billion currency to pay for the interest. 5. 1933 (Case No: 00903) All the currencies were placed to dormant accounts (under 33, 66 and 99) after the so called “918 Accident” (September 18, 1931). 6. 1937 After the war broke up at Lu-Kou-Bridge (7/7/1937), all the values were moved to Southern part of China. A resolution from the meetings between US and ROC decided to distribute / keep the gold and silver to 537 generals with official documents. This was to prevent / minimize the chance of losing the wealth belonging to the Chinese people. 7. 1948 Autumn (Article 17) ROC retreated to Taiwan. The ROC 38th Division gave their lives keeping back the forces of the PRC back for a sufficient period of time for the 37th Division to take the wealth of China from the 42 trucks that were about 7 hours away from the coast, and hide it all in secret locations throughout China in the mountains. At least 1 case was damaged with US currencies printed prior to 1934. 8. The aforementioned wealth is mostly well-kept by the original assigned keeper or his assignee(s), successor(s) with documents and origin “keys”. THIS HISTORY IS WELL KNOWN BY MANY, AND HAS CIRCULATED THE GLOBE MANY TIMES, BUT PEOPLE FORGET. THE FAMILY, IN CONJUNCTION WITH 4 OTHERS, FUNDED THE USA. SIMPLE AS THAT. THAT IS WHY THE CHINESE ARE SUPPORTING THE USA BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GREAT INTEREST IN SEEING UNCLE SAM HAVE A SH**, SHOWER AND SHAVE, GET A NEW SUIT, AND BE THE SHINING BEACON OF HOPE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. TOO BAD THE CABAL GUYS CAME IN AND TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE WILLING FAMILY HELP, AND BEGAN STEALING. THE STEALING CONTINUES TO THIS DAY. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SUFFER, AND SO DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD AS A RESULT. I never would have dreamed that a leadership of people existed that would humanely strive to elevate mankind from disastrous situations. Does this come with a cost that we are unaware of, and will the role of the Chinese families be explained in this new era? Thank you, VB THERE IS NO COST TO THE HELP, AND THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO RECEIVE ANY REWARD FROM THIS HELP. THERE IS ONLY PROPER DELIVERY OF THIS HELP WHICH IS THE SORE POINT. THE GUYS AT THE TOP THAT ARE STEALING DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN, AS THE MORE DELAYS THERE ARE, THE MORE BILLIONS THEY CAN FILCH. THEY SEEM TO POSSESS MANY LEGS SO THEY CAN WEAR MORE THAN ONE PAIR OF PANTS AT A TIME. UNLIKE PIGS. Dear Mr. ZAP, Thank you for working so diligently toward the well anticipated project funding. As part of your updates, would you please tell us if there is a criteria that we have to meet. Also, will you send a package that explains the process of the funding for those under review, alone with time restraints for funding. Thank you JB SURE. THE CRITERIA IS COMPRISED OF 2 PARTS: WHATEVER HELPS OUR HUMANITY, AND DOES NO HARM. THAT’S ALL. SOON, WE WILL BE PUBLISHING THE WEBSITE FOR INTAKE, AND ALL THE RULES SURROUNDING THE FUNDINGS WILL BE CLEARLY DELINEATED. ZAP,We all know that when more than one person is involved, the truth is relative or beyond your control.  In relationship to your prediction of the RV on the day of May 15th, something obviously occurred to postpone the transaction…Will you explain the situations that caused the delay? I know you are somewhat limited with your responses, however, I would like to know as much as you are able to share. Sincerely   GH THE A**HOLES DELAYED AGAIN. THAT’S ALL. WHATEVER THEY CAN DO TO DELAY, THEY WILL (IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT) AND PUT MORE BILLIONS IN THEIR POCKET WHILE PEOPLE DIE ON THE VINE. WHY I STRONGLY SUPPORT GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENTS THAT WRITE LETTERS TO AUTHORITIES TELLING THEM HOW DISPLEASED THEY ARE. HOWEVER, THE FOREX WENT NUTS ON THE 15TH AND IS TILL GOING STRONG. IN THE MEANTIME, THE PIGS ARE VERY HAPPY FLYING ABOUT AND ENSURING THE VARIOUS TRANSACTIONS THAT WILL RESULT IN OUR PROJECT FUNDINGS ARE COMPLETED, AND THEY ARE BEING COMPLETED. AND VERY SOON, REGARDLESS OF ANY RV OR OTHER OFFICIAL PLAN, WILL HAVE THE PROJECTS FUNDED AND GET TO THE WORK AHEAD. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER ITEMS I WISH I COULD POST HERE, BUT IT IS WAY TOO SENSITIVE AT THIS TIME, AND WOULD THROW MANY WRENCHES INTO THE MIX, SO I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO GIVE DETAIL AS YET. GRATEFUL THE PIGS ARE FLYING THOUGH. IN LOVE AND LIGHT IN OUR SERVICE ZAP “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE” “BE GOOD, BE LEGAL, TELL TRUTH” Love and Kisses, ‘THE OFFICE OF POOFNESS’ Susan and Staff “Gold In Them Hills” I know it doesn’t seem that way But maybe it’s the perfect day Even though the bills are piling Maybe Lady Luck ain’t smiling But if we only open our eyes We’d see the blessings in disguise That all the rain clouds are fountains Though our troubles seem like mountains There’s gold in them hills There’s gold in them hills So don’t lose heart Give the day a chance to start Every now and then life says: Where do you think you’re going so fast? We’re apt to think it’s cruel, but sometimes It’s a case of cruel to be kind And if we get up off our knees Why then we’d see the forest for the trees and we’d see the new sun rising Over the hills and horizon There’s gold in them hills There’s gold in them hills So don’t lose faith Give the world a chance to say: A word or two, my friend There’s no telling how the day might end We’ll never know until we see That there’s gold in them hills There’s gold in them hills So don’t lose heart Give the day a chance to start There’s gold in them hills There’s gold in them hills

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