Now more than ever, we need to be diligent protecting our privacy…

John Singleton is having a call on Saturday morning !!  With all of these privacy issues revealed in the last couple of days, it sounds like a very important call, so join him if you can !!
Do you want to know more about personal and financial privacy and security using military grade encryption and Bitcoin with private and offshore vault services for the best financial security?

Please join me on Saturday, March 11th to discuss details of the new encrypted USB operating system, how to encrypt your Internet use and private vault services using Bitcoin and precious metals.

Saturday, March 11th 2017 11:00 AM EST

Conference Call No. 712-775-7031

PIN: 541-106-060#

Playback No. 712-775-7029


Thank you.

John Jay

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Please help to support Stage2Omega !!!

Hi, Everyone…  If you appreciate the information that is provided within Stage2Omega…  if you appreciate having these bits of news articles and videos accumulated for you all in one place and would like to see this effort continued, then please consider sending in a donation to help support these efforts.  Only with your help can this effort continue.  Just hit that “Donate” button on the right sidebar and share what you can.  We appreciate your contribution more than you know !!! Warmest regards, dt

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Yes, the site was down yesterday…

Hi, Everyone… Yes, the website was down yesterday.  What was supposed to be a 2 hour downtime for site maintenance ended up being over 24 hours or more.  But I think we finally have everything back up and buzzing.  Thanks for your patience !!! Our globe of website hits was wiped out during the process.  We had recently tipped 11 million hits !!  Oh well, let’s see how fast we can fill that thing back up… Lots going on in the world.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open !! Warmest regards, dt

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I still need help with website expenses and for my daughter…

I’m sure most of you think that a massive number of people respond when I put out a plea for help.  But you couldn’t be more wrong…  At this point, the drawing for the afghan is a shoe in for one person !!  Hey guys, I need to at least cover the cost of the yarn ( about $50 to $70 per afghan, not even including my time involved )…  And of course, in order to keep this website up and running, I have to pay the bills… ( again, not even including my time involved… ) Whatever is left will go to Asheley…  My heart aches for her during this time of year cuz it just adds an extra level of stress for her that I just can’t help with.  She has been working some lately, which has helped her some, but with her medical condition, she just isn’t able to do much.  And she learned that she does not qualify for disability because of their requirement to have worked 5 of the last 10 years.  She should have started that quest earlier, but who knew ?  You go through a lot, just convincing yourself that these are the cards you have been dealt…  As her mother, my heart just aches…

Anyway, please help if you can…  Just click that donate button on the right sidebar.

Warmest regards,


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Can you help with monthly expenses for Stage2Omega ?

Hi, Everyone,

It’s that time again.  But this month, I’m asking for your help for my daughter, Asheley, again.  It’s the first of the new year, and health insurance deductibles have to be met.  Her deductible is $1,500.  Yikes…  Just with medical expenses for January, she has already met about half of that…  But the crunch is on to get through the rest of it.  I’m helping all I can, but I can only do so much.

I wondered if any of you who contribute $30 or more would be interested in perhaps having your name put in a drawing.  The winner of the drawing would receive a home made afghan, made by me, in your chosen colors and/or pattern.  I’m posting some examples of ones I have done below.  If you would like to do this, then on your contribution, please just add a message to me that says, “Count me in”…  I’ll run this campaign for 2 weeks.  Then put all the names in a hat and let Steve do the drawing.  So stay tuned and we’ll see how this goes.  I’m just trying to think of a way for me to let you know just how much each of you who help out are truly appreciated.

So please hit that “Donate” button on the right sidebar and help out if you can!  

Warmest regards,


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