Have you gotten your eclipse viewing glasses yet ???

Hi, Everyone…

Well, if your answer is no, then you’re probably out of luck.  This morning I was beating myself up because I didn’t take care of this sooner…  And now everyone is OUT !!!  I was so frustrated.  But my daughter, Asheley, pulled a rabbit out of the hat and found us some…  So we are traveling to north Georgia on Monday so that we’ll be in the TOTALITY ZONE.  I’m so excited…

But I wanted to just put a word of caution out to you all.  According to a local eye center, these viewing glasses are intended for you to glance at the sun, not to sit and stare at it.  They said the risk of eye damage is still there,  even with these glasses.  So, this weekend we are on a mission to make our viewing boxes so that we can safely view the eclipse without damage to anyone’s eyes. I’ve posted a video below showing how one of these boxes is made.  Seems pretty basic, and much safer.

Much love to you all,


Solar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic

A solar eclipse can cook your eyes: How to watch safely


5 Safe Ways To View The Eclipse


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An international tribunal has found Monsanto guilty of human right violations, crimes against humanity and ecocide.

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Coconut Oil Spa

( 75 ml converts to about 2.5 oz or just over 1/4 cup…  I had to look it up !!  LOL…  /dt )

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