The Big Con: Slaves R Us and the Advent of the Common Law Grand Jury

While I am speaking here of Arizona state specifically, mirror activities are ongoing in other states, and even other countries. Visit to check on YOUR State. You will learn how many counties are involved, how many have been constituted, the people currently involved in the process and their phone number.

Last night I went to a meeting of the minds in Phoenix concerning the Common Law Grand Jury system they are implementing in Arizona. Met some great people, too. REAL people.

While I find some of the terminology outside my common vocabulary, I’ve done enough research to know the gist of what they’re talking about. Good thing I was forced to watch so many episodes of Law and Order.

It just so happened that last night they had a disbarred attorney of 22 years speaking to the group and she had the most interesting tales to tell about the Arizona justice system. Yes, indeed.

She, herself, worked in the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office and managed the Supreme Court Grand Jury system.

She was disbarred a few years ago for taking to task a judge who wasn’t doing his duty. Apparently it’s more common than any of us know. However, she is still active in the community, offering her expertise in litigation assistance and working with her partners to fix the badly broken system.

I took few notes but will say that this group is serious about creating The People’s Grand Jury, as opposed to the ‘captive’ Grand Jury which is overseen by the Judge, even though that is not the way the system was set up. The judge’s biases are too easily transferred to the jury members by osmosis.

The only purpose of the Grand Jury is supposed to be to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. Depending on the assigned Judge’s bent, the jurors may be coached “creatively”, telling them plenty of what they CANNOT do, but not informing them what they are legally allowed to DO—or what information they are permitted to ask for to come to their FAIR and unbiased consensus.

The group proposes that the Common Law Grand Jury will be granted access to the court buildings—not to control the process—but as a watchdog entity because the current system is corrupt from the police on up to the judges and the common man doesn’t have a chance in getting fair treatment much of the time.

They are trying to expose the corruption and get rid of the State Bar because it is controlled by the big law firms. There’s nothing fair, equitable or neutral about it. It’s become quite the racket.

They say getting even ONE CLGJ per county seat would be a huge improvement.

The next step is a meeting with former Sheriff John Mack, who set it up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They are going to point blank ask if Arpaio and his people will support them in removing the individuals who are breaking the people’s laws. Law enforcement assistance is critical.

According to Mack, Arpiao is NOT a constitutional sheriff and he had great difficulty even getting 2nd amendment support, never mind gun control.

Following that—they will be posing the same question to our Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, who I believed to be on the side of the people’s constitution, but we’ll see how politics comes into play.

The group’s administrator reported that the current justice system is 75 per cent political, and only 25 per cent lawful. They aim to change that.

One of the biggest problems, he said, is that law school teaches the students “legalese”, which is the same WORDS we all use, but in legal documentation they have an entirely different MEANING, so the lay person has a snowball’s chance in hell of understanding the statutes being enforced, their rights, etc.

The system works against us and enables lawyers and the system a distinct advantage to steal our rights. And they did.

Essentially, we are slaves to be manipulated and stolen from, with our consent!

If you haven’t yet looked into this unfortunate situation that resulted when we allowed the government too much power rather than keeping it for ourselves, there is a series of great videos that explains everything. You might think it would be pretty dry material, but I find it really interesting.

WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS. It’s been 250 years of pulling the wool over the eyes of Humanity. Now we’re awake and must correct our mistakes.

The system needs a complete overhaul. One day soon the justice system will involve Common Law rather than Statutory/Admiralty Law and rather than throw the book at everyone possible to make more money, it will be about new, fair laws that allow for victimless crimes, restitution, etc. We’ll put the “HUMANE” back in “Humanity” and return to sovereignty, our birthright.

Here’s the first of the 7 part video series to get you started. You can find subsequent videos on YouTube.

Link to videos 2 thru 7 >>>> Source:

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7/11/14 6:00 AM Jim’s Rant For The Day. My Cousin Vinny.

For some reason, that movie always comes back into my head. I guess it is because I enjoyed it so much. I know we all loved the way Vinny’s girlfriend shocks everyone with her testimony and saves the day. It certainly makes for a good story. But in reality that rarely happens in court; not like it always did in Perry Mason episodes anyway. That is because long ago the legal system determined that if the truth was to be given the light of day then all information gathered by both sides was to be shared with all before trial. Therefore, there could never be a major surprise as both sides know what cards are in the deck.

Again, the legal system recognizes that for the truth to be had, all information must be shared. But in the meantime here we are today and our government is telling us that truth need not be had and no true information is to be shared. In fact the government goes so far as to outlaw those that repeat the truth in public.

I do hope that we are indeed approaching a period of open source information so that humanity can make truthful decisions for itself.


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JPMorgan Chase Bets $10.4 Billion on the Early Death of Workers

( Well, well, well…  thank you to one of our members, Holli, for forwarding this to me.  This lines up nicely with these banker deaths, now doesn’t it??  Boy oh boy…  /dt)

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 24, 2014

Families of young JPMorgan Chase workers who have experienced tragic deaths over the past four months, have been kept in the dark on many details, including the fact that the bank most likely held a life insurance policy on their loved one – payable to itself. Banks in the U.S., as well as other corporations, are allowed to make multi-billion dollar wagers that their profits from life insurance policies on employees will outstrip the cost of paying premiums and other fees. Early deaths help those wagers pay off.

According to the December 31, 2013 financial filing known as the Call Report that JPMorgan made with Federal regulators, it has tied up $10.4 billion in illiquid, long term bets on the death of a large segment of its employees.

The program is known among regulators as Bank Owned Life Insurance or BOLI. Federal regulators specifically exempted BOLI in passing the final version of the Volcker Rule in December of last year which disallowed most proprietary trading or betting for the house. Regulators stated in the rule that “Rather, these accounts permit the banking entity to effectively hedge and cover costs of providing benefits to employees through insurance policies related to key employees.” We have italicized the word “key” because regulators know very well from financial filings that the country’s mega banks are not just insuring key employees but a broad-base of their employees.

Just four of the largest U.S. banks, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup hold over $53 billion in investments in BOLI according to 2013 year-end Call Reports. Death benefits from life insurance is purchased at a multiple to the amount of the investments, meaning that $53 billion is easily enough to buy $1 million life insurance policies on 159,000 employees, and potentially a great deal more. Industry experts estimate that the total face amount of life insurance held by all banks in the U.S. on their employees now exceeds half a trillion dollars.

When the General Accountability Office (GAO) looked into the matter for Congress in 2003 and 2004, it found the insidious practice of continuing the life insurance even after the employee had left the company – nullifying any ability to consider him or her a “key” to the business. The GAO wrote: “Unless prohibited by state law, businesses can retain ownership of these policies regardless of whether the employment relationship has ended.” The GAO found that multiple companies held life insurance policies on the same individual.

In 2006, Congress passed the Pension Protection Act which included a section on these policies. Instead of outlawing BOLI and its corporate sibling, Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI), Congress grandfathered all of the millions of previously issued policies while tweaking a few tax and reporting rules.

One bedrock of insurance law dating back to the 19th Century is that a party must have an insurable interest in the life of another person in order to take out an insurance policy. The U.S. Supreme Court held in Warnock v. Davis in 1881 that “in all cases there must be a reasonable ground, founded upon the relations of the parties to each other, either pecuniary or of blood or affinity, to expect some benefit or advantage from the continuance of the life of the assured. Otherwise the contract is a mere wager, by which the party taking the policy is directly interested in the early death of the assured. Such policies have a tendency to create a desire for the event. They are, therefore, independently of any statute on the subject, condemned, as being against public policy.”

While it is highly questionable that rank and file employees are “key” to the success of a business, there is certainly no question that their contribution to the business ends when they terminate their employment. And yet, somehow, banks are allowed to collect death benefits on terminated workers right under the nose of State insurance regulators. The explanation is likely the secrecy which surrounds these policies, limiting knowledge of death payments to just the bank and the insurance company.

One reason banks are enamored with taking out policies on other people’s lives and keeping the practice as hush-hush as possible with the willing consent of regulators is that the gullible U.S. taxpayer who bailed out the banks to the tune of trillions of dollars from 2008 to 2010 and is now subsidizing too-big-to-fail through an implied permanent Federal backstop, is also subsidizing these death wagers. Both the buildup in the cash value of the policy over time and the payment of the death benefit are tax-free income to the bank; the more workers they insure, the more tax-free income they receive to help their bottom line; and the less corporations pay in their share of Federal income taxes, shifting more and more of the burden to the struggling middle class.

Banks have also exploited other tricks with the billions invested in these policies.JPMorgan is the assignee for Patent number 5,806,042 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, titled “System for Designing and Implementing Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) With a Reinsurance Option.” Noteworthy features of this scheme include the following:

“The purposes of the consent requirements and statutory requirements for insurable interest are to insure that a bank does not take out a death benefit policy on the life of an employee which exceeds the bank’s loss. In general, a bank may take out a death benefit policy in the amount which is a multiple of 8-10 times the annual compensation of that employee…”

“Reinsuring the BOLI plan by a captive insurance subsidiary of the parent bank or holding company allows the bank to augment the cash value gains of the BOLI plan by providing cash revenue sources from fee income associated with investment and trust management. Reinsurance also minimizes the impact to the bank’s profit and loss statement by keeping the assets within the corporate structure of the bank holding company…”

“The administrative support subsystem performs periodic sweeps of social security records to identify death claims for covered employees who have terminated or retired…”

Read more here >>>

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7/9/14 – Jim’s Rant For The Day. Open The Open Source.

This is a difficult article to write today as I do not know where it is going. I recently read Robert Steel’s book, “The Open Source Everything Manifesto”. He decries that all information belongs to all of humanity and not just to national leaders and their elite friends. He says that there is a great awakening now for all of humanity to take away the elite’s control and manipulation of that information for their own personal gain. He also points out how our own government and it’s alphabet agencies somehow manipulate information to fit their needs and in the process make continuously bad decisions for the planet that always seem to benefit the elite and always at the expense of the 99 percent.

I am saddened that he is right and this thought is reflective of the very situations we are in now. Our own government is hoarding information and using it against the 99 percent. Is this not what is happening with Chem-Trails, doctors not allowed to tell us of the medical conditions of the child border crossers, why we are in the middle East mess, why we are afraid of our government releasing a pandemic, nuclear or other disaster on us to implement Martial Law?

Our own government is lying to us about our own economy and financial future. How much more important can the government’s job be if not to protect the U.S. (and it’s borders) and to manage our free and open economic system that we now find is not free and open. They have absolutely failed at both and now our country is totally gone except in name only. Let me say that again. “They have absolutely failed at both and now our country is totally gone except in name only.”

It is time that we take control of all information and create our own future. There may be a terrible price to pay to do this, but do this we must. We have been delusional much too long. It is time to realize that we are living in an era in which we make decisions based on what we unrealistically think our country and future is rather than what we are now realizing it probably is. We need to turn all of our decisions in the direction of what we now see our future probably is. Does this make any sense to you? Please See: The Revolution Is Inevitable! ‘Open Source’ Uprising Is Coming And It Will Conquer The 1%. Source:

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JIM WILLIE — Systemic Breakdown of the US Economy and its Deadly Aftermath / Part 2

In Part 2 of this interview, Dr. Jim Willie looks ahead at the fast developing events as the Systemic Failure of the US Economy gathers steam. The landscape of the Financial / Economic and Geopolitical world is fast changing and Dr. Willie’s insights into these issues is invaluable. Source:

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