Allison Mack, Sex Cult Recruiter, Arrested & Jailed Without Bail By Feds – Pizzagate

Published on Apr 22, 2018
Allison Mack, Sex Cult Recruiter, Arrested & Jailed Without Bail By Feds:: Weirdos at Media Matters spent the last year harassing independent media and trying to convince the public #Pizzagate is just a “conspiracy theory.” Oh, we beg to differ. Q begs to differ. The feds beg to differ. Real as can be. And not going away. We hear Mack is singing 🙂 (SUPPORT US! Cancel anytime, satisfaction guaranteed)

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Published on Apr 13, 2018
INVEST in your HEALTH! Try CBD Now: As President Trump’s war against human trafficking shifts into high gear, the CEO of has been arrested and his website shut down. Q has repeatedly said, these people are ‘PURE EVIL’. I wanted to take this opportunity to illustrate that “these people” includes the most powerful people on earth – and the atrocities they have committed FOR DECADES are so hellish in nature that if it was not all documented, it would be too hard to believe. The horror described in this mirco-documentary is systemic – and global. And the thing they fear most is… the public awakening. “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Matthew 10:26 Please consider supporting SGT Report on Patron with a monthly contribution: For REAL news 24/7: For ad sales info, contact: [email protected]

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3.29 – OIG&FISA/New Pizzagate Instagram Pics/NXIVM/Solar Shift & UFO Sightings

Published on Mar 29, 2018
Today’s Links: Q Site – COLLUSION DELUSION: New Documents Show OBAMA Officials, FBI COORDINATED in Anti-Trump Probe – DOJ OIG Announces Initiation of Review – New James Alefantis #PizzaGate Instagram Images and Comments Part 1 – Steemit Exclusive – The Sun Is Spitting Out Strange Patterns of Gamma Rays—and No One Knows Why – Clinton-Linked Cult Leader Who Hot-Branded Women Arrested For Sex Trafficking – . . Website: (Subscribe to the newsletter to stay in touch!) Social Media: Twitter: @destroyillusion Facebook: @destroyingtheillusion Instagram: @jaysather Vids also on: Steemit/Dtube: BitChute: ++ DTI Apparel & Accessories (conscious swag) – ++ Get my Secret Space Program Webcasts here – Support on: Patreon: PayPal: Donate via Crypto: BitCoin: 1Ce5QjiEqUnaHzAeU8jDR1mX8BdJLgdMZe Ethereum: 0x0B096d467BB4D8B65489a3Fa224FC02Be25227CE LiteCoin: LRKx8dJjV5ZTxtayh1sc6uckTJG7e9XoQD BitcCoin Cash: 15iuUBXL8ZTiYjA8oAkBv37mfnv4jpStzz Thank YOU for watching and supporting!

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Oh there is some dark, dark stuff going on around us…

( sure seems to me that things are happening…  main stream is just not reporting them…  imagine that !!  /dt ) By Red Pill  |  03-28-2018   News  Photo credit: 

Shocking news surrounding Nancy Salzman – Q member of the Clinton Global Initiative – Bill Clinton’s charity – whose home has now been raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in relation to Keith Raniere – a sex trafficking suspect and cult leader who is now in federal custody.

The followers of the cult known as NXIVM would know 57-year-old Keith Raniere, as “The Vanguard,” a name he goes by in the underground scene.

The New York Post also published an article in 2007 which connected the cult as heavy donors to both Bill and Hillary Clinton during Hillary’s 2008 Presidential bid, being the oldest article via a mainstream media outlet that could connect the Clintons to the accused cult leader Keith Raniere as of yet, although a few outlets have covered Raniere’s arrest.

It’s a matter of connecting the dots to place Raniere in-line with the Clintons, as reported in the New York Post articles above.

Raniere was formally arraigned before a United States magistrate on Tuesday afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas. Raniere refused to talk with any reporters and said only, “Yes, Your Honor,” when he was asked by the Judge if he understood his rights and the charges against him.

Leading the investigation into the case is Brooklyn-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza, who has so far remained tight-lipped about the prosecutorial aspect of the case.

Raniere is also being held in the custody of the United States Marshals without a bond pending an extradition to New York, after the prosecution issued a sealed warrant for his arrest on February 14th.

According to the Hal Turner Show, the FBI raided the home of Salzman in Saratoga County, New York on Oregon Trail in the city of Halfmoon.

 For those unaware, Nancy Salzman is a sitting member of the Clinton Global Initiative, which connects the Clinton family directly to a woman who’s house is being raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a huge story, and the mainstream media hasn’t processed this yet. Whether that’s intentional or not is yet to be determined, although alternative media and investigative journalists are always ahead of the curve since we’re doing our own research.

She’s also listed as a donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President in 2007, 2008, and 2016, according to the Federal Elections Commission, and if you input her name into the search results you’ll see the data below.

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